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Concept of critical compression ratio of water ring vacuum pump

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Concept of critical compression ratio of water ring vacuum pump When the operating condition of water ring vacuum pump exceeds the critical contraction ratio, how to modify the internal structure to reduce the air loss of the pump to the minimum and the performance of the pump to achieve the optimal, which has important reference significance for application and system transformation.
As a variable volume gas delivery equipment, water ring vacuum pump can not only be used as a vacuum pump to remove gas to make the system obtain negative pressure, but also as a tightening machine to tighten the gas so as to make the system get positive pressure. However, whether it is a vacuum pump or a tightening machine, its internal water ring volume changes and completes the suction and exhaust principle is the same, so the work of water ring pump in different states is fundamental It can be divided into several stages.
The working principle of water ring vacuum pump is to use eccentric impeller device in the pump body. The impeller rotates to throw the water in the pump cavity to the surrounding. The water ring with different thickness is formed in the pump cavity. The water ring and adjacent blades form an alternating space to complete the suction and exhaust function. The gas delivery channels are crescent shaped spaces designed on the disk, but their functions are not only "channels". The influence of the opening size and position of the suction and exhaust holes on the pump performance is very obvious. The suction volume of the vacuum pump decreases with the increase of the contraction ratio. When the critical contraction ratio is exceeded, the efficiency of the water ring pump will obviously decline.
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