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Update Announcement (May 8th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing anupdate from May 8th 2:00 to May 8th 6:00 EST. During this time you will not beable to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due totechnical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
Update Content
1. A new SR Shikigami (Bake-kujira)  is joiningHeian-Kyo!
Event Time: After the update on May 8th - May 14 23:59 EST
During the event, the summon rate for the first SSR/SPShikigami will be 2.5 times the normal rate! The rate of summoning Bake-kujirawill increase to 15% for the first five SR Shikigami!
2. Onmyoji and Ibuki!
Event Time: After the update on May 8th - June 3rd, 23:59 EST
After escaping from the space in between the worlds, Orochihas left Heian-Kyo trembling in fear. Onmyoji and Shikigami prepare for theupcoming battle. Even the cat Ibuki who can speak the human language is willingto lend a paw. On a certain day, the prideful Ibuki crosses paths with Seimeiand allows him to tag along on the adventure, revealing the story of Ibuki andOrochi...
Complete Ibuki's requests and safeguard Heian-Kyo to obtainrewards!
(Gift Ibuki with dried fish and toys for some surprises!)
3. Frosty Memories
New Side Story "Frosty Memories" will be available after the updateon May 8th! Onymoji, reveal the frosty memories of Yuki by participating inthis side chapter!
4. New Skins for You!
After the update on May 8th, Ootengu's new skin "Heian Fair Skin" and
Kingyo's new skin "Spring Doll"  will be available in the skinshop with 20% off for the first week!
5. Special Challenges start!
After the update on May 8th, "Speed Challenge" mode and"Strategy Challenge" mode are added in the secret zone! It's yourtime to show your power Onmyoji!
6. New loading pictures added!
After the update on May 8th, we update the default loading pictures and addedmore in the store. Let's come to have a check!

Game ExperienceImprovements
1. Improvements to the Login System:
- Added detailed content to each grade of the Login Lot.
- Added functions including Decipher, Share Lot, and Lot Of The Day review.Improved the Lot UI.
- Players now have a greater chance of receiving Great Blessings from the LoginLot. A new series of Login Blessing achievements have now been added to thegame that grant players reward upon completion.
- New Login system and related achievements take effect at midnight on May 8th.
2. Visual updates:
- Updated the Shiro Mujou model before and after hisevolution.
- Updated the Kuro Mujou model before and after his evolution.
- Updated the Youko model before and after his evolution.
3. Update Chapter 26
After the update on May 8th, some content of the conversation is modified. inChapter 26.
4. Stacked Display
Stacked Display mode has been added in the Shikigamiinterface. 2 Star shikigami of the same type that have not undergone any of thefollowing changes will be stacked together. You can set your preference on theright of the Shikigami interface.
Changes include evolving, upgrading, leveling up skills, equipping souls,locking, liking, changing nicknames, pre-setting config, dispatching orentrusting to a friends' realm.
Fixed Issues
1. Fixed the issue in the Orochi of the Maidens: Moan zone,where Susabi's Scourge: Star and Scourge: Moon skill inflicted fewer strikesdue to the orb cost reduction.
2. Fixed the issue when Kyonshi Ani and Kingyo are on the same team where thecoffin representing Kingyo created by Kyonshi Ani's Resurrection skill isincorrectly shown as Goldfish.
3. Fixed the issue where Soul effects could still be triggered when the unitequipping the Soul is KO'd.
4. Fixed the incorrect interaction between the skill effect of Kodokushi'sDeath Puppetry skill and his enemy's summoned entity.
5. Adjusted the text description for Dark Seimei's skill in the Orochi of theMaidens: Moan zone.
6. Fixed the issue where a mark created by Hakuzosu's Shadowing Shelter skillthat allows him to take damage for his allies is not counted as a buff.
7. Fixed the issue where the Shikigami selection list in Royal Battle wasunavailable on some devices.
8. Fixed the issue where Itsumade made no sounds when the player tapped on herwhen she's displayed in the Courtyard.
9. Fixed the objects that appeared incorrectly in the Courtyard.

Skill Improvements
1. Improved the skill effect of Yao Bikuni's DivinationSigil skill. Now all the statuses and marks that the revived ally had arecorrectly removed.
2. Fixed the issues where Hiromasa's Occult: Shadow Clone skill was affected bysome of the enemy's skills and Soul effects, including but not limited to thecounter-attack launched by an enemy Totem and the Soul effects of the SoulSenecio placed on an enemy. Now his Shadow Clone will always be in Invinciblestatus.
3. Medicine Seller's Defense skill now deals damage to a Revealed enemy equalto 300% of their current HP instead of being equal to their remaining HP.
4. Adjusted skill description of Azurestorm Ichimokuren's Wind Haltedragonfall skill. The inflicted Dragon Fury effect does not affect monsters.
5. Fixed the issue where the ATK boost Inugami received from the counter-attackhe launched via his Protection skill wasn't correctly removed when he was KO'd.


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