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Update Announcement (Apr. 10th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing anupdate from Apr. 10th 2:00 to Apr. 10th 5:00 EST. During this time you will notbe able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due totechnical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
----Update Content----
1. Onmyoji x Hozuki's Coolheadedness LAST Crossover!
Event period: After the update on April 10th – April 16th 23:59 EST
- Summon to acquire Crossover Character shards!
During the event, summon with Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets for a chanceto get SSR character Hozuki or SR character Oko shards.
Collect 50 Hozuki shards or 40 Oko shards to obtain the corresponding limitedcrossover character!
- SP/SSR Chance Up Again!
During the event, the summon chance of SP and SSR Shikigami will be 2.5 timesthe normal chance!
Note: Once the player has summoned an SP or SSR Shikigami, the summon chancewill revert back to normal.
- Discover the Hozuki Demon Seal!
During the event, players who clear the Exploration Zone will have a chance toencounter the Hozuki Demon Seal. Clear the demon seal for a chance to obtainHozuki shards or Hozuki "Hell Celebration" skin shards!
(Limited to 1 Hozuki shard, and 3 Hell Celebration skin shards per day)
- Hozuki skin on sale in the skin shop!
After the update on April 10th, Hozuki's "Hell Celebration" skin willbecome available in the skin shop! Collect the corresponding skin shards toredeem it!
- Limited-edition R character Peach Maki & Karashi:
After the update on April 10th - before the update on April 17th, limited Rcharacter Peach Maki & Karashi can be redeemed with Talismans from theshrine an unlimited number of times.
Players will also have a chance to purchase skin shards of Oko and Peach Maki& Karashi from the merchant on the Explore map. Collect 50 skin shards toredeem the skin from the skin shop.
- Hozuki and Oko can only be obtained by collecting shards. Peach Maki &Karashi can only be obtained from the Shrine. These characters cannot beobtained directly from summoning.
- Players Lvl 40 or above can wish for and donate Hozuki and Oko shards in theguild interface.
- Players Lvl 15 or above can obtain Hozuki and Oko shards when summoning.
- Hozuki, Oko and Peach Maki & Karashi does not count towards the Shikigamilist under Collection.
- The appearance rate for Hozuki shards and Oko shards via summoning areindividually calculated and do not affect one another.
- Event details will be added to the summon interface for players to confirmwith ease.

2. Collect shards for Hozuki's limited skin!
After the update on April 10th - April 16th 23:59 EST
- Obtain Hozuki's "Hell Celebration" skin shards from Assembly Bossesin Demon Encounter, or clearing Hozuki's Demon Seal.
- Players can also purchase Hozuki's skin shards in the General Shop.
- Collect 50 "Hell Celebration" skin shards to redeem the limitedskin from the skin shop. Redeem "Hell Celebration" within the eventtime to earn extra bonuses!
3. Hozuki’s Side Chapter: "Visitors from Afar"!
After the update on April 10th, the last Onmyoji X Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Crossover Event is coming, and a new sidechapter “VisitorsFrom Afar”will be added to “HeianTales”!
As a special guest, Hakutaku from Hozuki’s Coolheadedness will also make an appearance in this sidechapter!
Please note that "Visitors From Afar" isonly accessible by players who have summoned Hozuki. This access cannot beshared with others even if their bond level has reached companion at the requestof the copyrights owner.
4.  Sakura Fest Challenge!
Event period:
- First Phase: After the update on April 10th – April 13th 23:59 EST
- Second Phase: April 14th 00:00. – April 16th 23:59 EST
- Event shop open hours: After the update on April 10th – April 19th 23:59 EST
During the event, players can access the event zone fromthe Map, and win battles to receive rewards! Additionally, clear specificconditions to earn bonus rewards!
Event rewards include "Sakura Fest Mark", whichcan be used to redeem items in the event shop, including Sakura’s skin "Hanami Lady"! This skin can also beobtained in the skin shop.
*If players already possess "Hanami Lady", andredeem this skin from the event shop, they will receive Skin Tokens of equalvalue instead.
After the event shop closes, all unused "Sakura Fest Mark" willbecome void. Please redeem the rewards before the event ends.
5.  New Skins on Sale!
Juzu's new skin "Mochi Maker" and Yamausagi's newskin "Melodic Samurai"  will be available for purchase in theSkin Store after the update on Apr. 10th. They will be 20% off for the firstweek, so don’tmiss out!
6. New Feature: Nameplate for Guild is Online!
Every guild can create its own nameplate! The leader of theguild can introduce the guild by uploading an image and writing a briefintroduction on the nameplate. The others in the guild can share the nameplateto let other Onmyoji know more about their guild.
Besides, the nameplate can be also used for finding aguild, recruiting guild members, merging guilds and guild ranking. Come to trythis nameplate!
7. Multi-Language Support(Beta) is Now Available!
After the update on April 10th, the multi-language support function(Beta) willofficially meet everyone! For any players, you can easily change the languagein the setting panel. Please note, you will have to restart the game if youchange the language option.
At this moment, we currently support English,Chinese(Traditional), French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai.And since this function is still in Beta test, we currently only localize thetext of main interface, courtyards, town and most of the main chapters.
We sincerely hope that everyone could have fun and be able to make friends inOnmyoji Global, enjoy those fantasy Heian tales while playing it, so that’s why we love hearing from your opinions and finally decideto start this work. In the future we will keep updating this function, if youhave any bug reports or optimization suggestions for this testing function,please don’thesitate to give our customer service feedback with the “Localization” tag.
----Optimizations and Bugs Fixed----
1. Fixed an issue that occurred when Medicine Seller used his Defense skill,where the damage dealt with targets with Revealed could be shared by Hakuzosu'sShadowing Shelter skill.
2. Fixed issue where the damage dealt with targets with Isolation could stillbe shared.
3. Fixed issue where the effect of the Soul Fortune Cat could be triggered bysome battle actions when it wasn't supposed to.
4. Fixed an issue that caused the effect of the Soul Scarlet to be triggeredwhen a Shikigami equipped with the Soul set is revived by Hiyoribou after beingKO'd by a multi-strike attack.
5. Improved Kagura's Summon: Afterlife. A Shikigami affected by the skill cannow become a ghost normally when KO'd by reflected damage from the effect ofthe Soul Mirror Lady.
----Shikigami Skill Improvement----
1. Lord Arakawa
Empowering Flow
Deals an extra 20% damage when landing a critical hit, butinflicts Empowering Flow (Reduces DEF by 20%. Whenever he deals damage, if thetarget has higher DEF, the damage dealt ignores 50% of the DEF difference.)lasting 1 turn on himself.
Forms water into a shoal of fish that inflicts a 2-strikeattack on 1 enemy, dealing damage equal to 53% of his ATK with a 100% basechance of inflicting Isolation lasting 2 turns on them on the first strike, anddealing damage equal to 211% of his ATK on the second strike. Damage takencannot be shared by other effects, including Shouzu\'s skill Water Circuit andSoul Edge\'s effect, among others.
The first strike dispels 1-2 random buffs from the enemy. Each buff dispelledincreases the damage of the second strike by 5%.
Lv. 2: Increases damage of the second strike to 226%.
Lv. 3: Increases damage of the second strike to 241%.
Lv. 4: Increases damage of the second strike to 256%.
Lv. 5: Increases damage of the second strike to 270%.
※ Improvements made to Lord Arakawa in this update do notaffect the skill effects of Lord Arakawa as a monster.
2. Shikigami revamped: Kaoru
Kaoru's skills have been extensively revamped with newmechanics added.
※Interfering Throw (originally Stone Strike)
Orb cost: Normal attack, costs no orbs
Viciously flings a stone at one enemy, dealing damage equal to 100% of her ATK.
Lv. 2: Increases damage to 105%.
Lv. 3: Increases damage to 110%.
Lv. 4: Increases damage to 115%.
Lv. 5: Additionally lowers the Move Bar of the target by 15% if the target has4 or more buffs.
※ Vigilant Owl
Orb cost: Passive skill, costs no orbs
Effective exclusively. 
At the beginning of each turn (either ally\'s or enemy\'s), a status changetriggers, changing her status to either Play or Alert.
Kaoru usually stays in Play status. If 2 of her allies are under controllingeffects, Kaoru\'s status will be changed to Alert.
Play status: Kaoru is usually in Play status.
Alert status: Increases SPD by 10 and Effect RES by 40%.
Lv. 2: When she\'s in Alert status, increases the Effect RES boost effect to50%.
Lv. 3: When she\'s in Alert status, increases the Effect RES boost effect to60%.
Lv. 4: When she\'s in Alert status, increases the SPD boost effect to 15.
Lv. 5: If she\'s in Play status, at the end of her turn, increases all damagedealt by allies by 10% until her status changes.
※ Warm Protection
Orb cost: 2 orbs
Spends 30% of her current HP to grant Owl\'s Protection to an ally. Sustainablefor 1 turn. Dispels a debuff or controlling effect from each of her allies.
If Kaoru is in Alert status, allies under controlling effects gain Owl\'s Dancefor 2 turns. Otherwise, gains 4 orbs.
Owl\'s Protection: When taking damage, absorbs and records all damage taken.When the mark fails, causes the ally to lose HP by 80% of the amount recorded.
Owl\'s Dance: Increases SPD by 50.
Lv. 2: When Owl\'s Protection fails, causes the ally to lose HP by 70% of theamount recorded.
Lv. 3: Reduces orbs required by 1.
Lv. 4: When Owl\'s Protection fails, causes the ally to lose HP by 60% of theamount recorded.
Lv. 5: Upper Hand: Grants Owl\'s Protection to the ally with the lowest HP.Sustainable for 1 turn.
----Game Experience Improvements----
1. Added a "Feed now" feature to Gluttony Ghoul. Players can tap the"Feed now" button on the Gluttony Ghoul's Eating Habit settings pageto feed it all the abandoned Souls that match the Eating Habit settings,exchanging them for stored Soul EXP.
2. Adjusted the Upper Hand skill effects of all Shikigami. The skill-castinganimations and the resolution of the skill effects will no longer take turns.They will take effect at the same time and no longer count as taking an action.
3. Added a prompt on the map indicating the Area Bosses newly unlocked theprevious day. Players can tap the New button at the top right of the Area Bosspage to quickly check and challenge the unlocked Area Bosses.
4. Adjusted the skill-casting duration of all models of Ibaraki Doji based onIbaraki Doji's Demon Hand skin.
5. Players who are banned from posting comments can no longer share their grade6 Shikigami at max level, max level Souls, or Chronicle pages with any chatchannel or any of their friends.


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