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Update Announcement (Jan. 16th EST)

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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update from Jan. 16th 2:00 to Jan. 16th 6:00 EST. During this time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

----Update Content----
1. New SR Shikigami Okikumushi is Coming!
“Eating leaves during the day, sleeping during the night... Is this really the way to become a beautiful butterfly?” After the update on Jan. 16th, the new Shikigami will arrive.
2. Okikumushi & SP/SSR Chance Up!
After the update on Jan. 16th - Jan. 22nd 23:59 EST
- Players have 5 times chance up of getting Okikumushi while summoning SR Shikigami (be increased to 15%)
- Players have 1 time 2.5X chance up of summoning SP/ SSR Shikigami.
Note: the event only applies to players of level 15 and above.
3. Challenge the Grade 6 Kirin!
After the update on January 16th (EST), Guilds level 3 or higher which have defeated Grade 5 Kirin, will be able to challenge the new Grade 6 Kirin! The Grade 6 Kirin hunt can be initiated by the Guild Master or Officers.
Onmyoji, gather your guild members and prepare to challenge the Grade 6 Kirin!
4. New Side Story "Wails of the Flock" is released!
After the update on Jan. 16th (EST), players can access this new side chapter through Heian Tales! To Unlock the side story, Shikigami  Chin is required.
5. Prepare to challenge a new Secret Zone!
After the update on January 16th (EST), a new secret zone Youko's Romance" will be added! Clear all 10 stages of the secret zone to obtain Youko's new skin "Fox of Mystery".
6. New Feature "Shikigami Dance" is coming!
After the update on January 16th (EST), the new feature "Shikigami Dance" is coming! Now you can enjoy the dance of certain Shikigami by using the AR feature. Tap "Collection", then tap the fan on the top right corner to enter.
Note: this is only available for the Mobile device.
7. New skins on sale!
After the update on January 16th (EST), the Yumekui's skin "Azure Nightmare" and the Miketsu’s skin “Bountiful Goddess" will be added to the skin store. Also, they will be 20% off during the first week!

----Fixed Issues and Optimizations----
1. Fixed language and technical bugs.
2. Optimized the Buff Feature
- Players can turn on/off the buff in preparation for the battle.
3. Optimized the "Make Wish" Feature
- Added the sliding bar and category buttons in the Guild interface. Players can tap the button to a certain area.

----Shikigami Improvements----
1. Yamakaze
Adjusted the indirect damage equal to 18% of target's current HP + 120% Yamakaza's ATK (max 150%) caused by the Torn effects inflicted by Demonic Slash after the target's turn to the indirect damage equal to 12% of target's current HP + 88% Yamakaza's ATK (max 320%). And the damage ignores target's DEF by 600.
2. Hiyoribo - Nourishment
Adjusted the calculation order of Hiyoribou's Revive from reviving instantly to reviving after the skill takes effect. This was done to fix the fluctuation caused by calculating part of the revive amount.
3. Corrected the description of Divination Sigil(Yao Bikuni) and Backlash Wave! (Inuyasha).
4. Modified the problem that the transitive damage by the skill "Decoy Doll" of Ushi no Toki won't trigger Soul "Kyoukotsu".
4. Fixed the issue that under specific circumstance, Seimei's Divine Lightning and Kagura's Divine Fire will awaken enemies under Sleep effect when dealing damage.
5. Fixed the issue that Kaguya's Dragon Jewel can obtain orbs in the turn of Judge Banner.
6. Fixed the issue that the skill "Diamond Sutra" of Hitotsume will be triggered out without being damaged.
7. Fixed the issue that the damage of Fujin won't increase after upgrade the level of Ryomen's skill "Divine Combo" from 4 to 5.
8. Increase the direct and subsequent damage caused by the skill "Death Penalty" of Hangan from 79% attack (max 95%) to 100% attack (max 125%)


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