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Ibraki doji's infernal hand magic damage need to be nerf

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I 'm tank player and my team and me die many time in early game fight with enemy Ibraki doji.Especially Ibrki doji's Infernal hand is really OP.I use tank shikigami and even use tank,enemy ibraki kill me easily.I amazed that when i fight enemy ibraki doji,i have many of HP and then he use infernal hand and i die fastly and my HP lost too fast immediately.Because Infernal hand inflict 280(30%target HP lost).It shoulden't be.(30% target HP lost) is really overpower.Even if i have many of HP and i use tank,I will still hard to fight enemy ibraki doji..Because his infernal hand damage deal is depends upon enemy's HP30%.It should be maximum20% HP lost.So his Infernal hand damage infliction percent need to be nerf.I was considered to be Uninstall and delete game.If heroes's power not balance and ibraki doji not being nerf.I might have to be delete.Thank.

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