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Update Announcement (Apr. 18th EST)

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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience,we are performing an update from Apr. 18th 2:00 to Apr. 18th 5:00 EST. Duringthis time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate andmay be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience andunderstanding.
----Updates Include----
1. Say helloto Onmyoji's newest SR Shiro and Kuro!
Shiro is a kind and innocent boyand has been helping Mujou Brothers put some souls to rest. After the update,SR Shiro shards will be available in Demon Seal until May 1st 23:59 EST.Collect 40 shards to summon your own Shiro! And you can also get the shards bycompleting "Wanted Quests" and Demon Parade.
Kuro is known for his inclinationtowards silence and solitude. He is on his internship under the Mujou Brothers.After the update, SR Kuro will be available to summon with Mystery Amulets,Jade, or AR Amulets. And you can also get the shards by completing "WantedQuests" and Demon Parade.

2. New R ShikigamiKosodenote and Koroka are here!

Kosodenote is a spirit renowned forher beauty and her proficiency in needleworking. After the update, R Kosodenoteshards can be obtained by completing "Wanted Quests", Guild Wishes,Demon Parade and Merchant Purchase.
Koroka's childlike appearanceprepares everyone for his lively but naughty personality. He might play a trickor two on you, but no worries! After the update, R Koroka will be available tosummon with Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets. And you can also get theshards by completing "Wanted Quests" and Demon Parade.

3. New events arereleased!

- It's time for Coin Chaos!
Event time: April 18th after the update until April 26th 23:59 EST

Complete each task to get coins:
1) Summon 3 times with Mystery Amulet, AR Amulet or Jade
2) Complete Daily Quests
3) Participate 5 Duels

Reach milestones to get even morerewards!
4. Chapter 21"Perilous Ritual" and the "Bonus Storyline" Unlocked!
In order to find Yoto Hime andHakuro, Seimei and his party are making their way to Mt. Septem. What fate willbefall them there?
Find out in Chapter 21 after the update.

Kuro and Shiro shall now begin their training as mujouapprentices in coming side-chapter! To Unlock the side chapter, the requiredShikigami are Enma, Hangan, Kuro, Shiro. You will receive Jade x 50 afterfinishing the chapter.
5. New Feature"Auto Challenge" is online!
After the update, Paper Doll fromthe new feature "Auto Challenge" come to help you and your friendsbattle in an "auto mode" and loot with ease! So sit up and have a cupof tea, and watch Paper Doll do the fighting for you!
- Team Exploration Zones
After enabling auto mode, PaperDoll will help you and your friends attack targets, receive rewards, andautomatically send/accept invitations.
- Team Soul & Evolution Zones
After enabling auto mode, PaperDoll will help you automatically begin fights, receive rewards, and send/acceptinvitations.
And a time limit mode of "AutoChallenge" especially for solo battle will be available after the updateand lasts for 1 month. In this special mode, you can enable the auto modesolely with the Paper Doll's help.

6. New Feature "AddEmoji"

After the update, you can add yourown emoji and share them with other Onmyoji in the chat room.
7. NewShikigami in Royal Battle!
After the update, New ShikigamiKuro, Shiro, Kosodenote and Koroka come to join the battle!
8."Showdown Bidding" is online again!
Event Time: April 18th, 11:00 -April 22nd, 23:00 EST
It's time to show your knowledge ofthe Shikigami!
9.New Feature "Merchant" comes!
10. New Skinson Sale!
New skins of Kuro: Cat Kendama,Shiro: Sapphire Celebration, Kusa: Spring Fragrance and Tanuki: Bamboo Boy skinwill be available at the skin store after next update. These skins will be 20%off for the first week only!
11. STEAMAchievement Feature Unlocked!
12. LimitedPacks on Sale!
- Weekend Soul Pack (price: 50S-Jade)
Pack contains:

(1). Grade 4 Seductress Set x1
(2). Daily rewards for 3 days: Mystery Amulet x1

- Base Daruma Pack (price: 220S-Jade)
Pack contains:

Base Daruma x15, Coin x50,000, BaseDaruma Frame x1
Note: if you have already had theBase Daruma Frame, it will be automatically changed as 50 Jade.
- Grade Daruma Pack (price: 580S-Jade)
Pack contains:

Grade 2 Grade Daruma x5, Grade 3Grade Daruma x3, Grade 4 Grade Daruma x2, Jade x500
-  Daruma Family Pack (price:1200 S-Jade)
Pack contains:

Base Daruma x1, Grade Daruma x1,EXP Daruma x1, Skill Daruma x1, Jade x3,000
- Skin Token Pack (price: 110S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Skin Token x120, Jade x20, Base Darumax1
----Optimizations and BugsFixed----
1. Fixed language andtechnical bugs.
2. Modified the eventtime for Duel and added another event time for Royal Battle as below:

Duel12:00 - 14:00 EST, 19:00 -21:00 EST Daily
Royal Battle
10:00 - 12:00 EST Friday to Sunday
3. Optimizedthe experience of using AR amulet on PC. It's available to exchange the ARAmulet to the Mystery Amulet specifically on PC.


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