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Remove "benefits" upon reporting and general like count

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The landlord
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Hello, i've recently became a member and i'm currently at level 28, so far i like this game. What concerns me tho, is the ability of some users to group up together against treats, encouraged by a system which punish someone or someone's opinion for being unpopular while at the same time grants to the abusers to report things out of context.

To make the story short, in a game where someone can bypass the filter calling his account ''Fokmahlif'', if i mention the user in the general chat i can be reported for doing so because people are encouraged to do so due the forementioned perks.
The entire social aspect isn't really promoted in this way, it is just driven by specific kind of people that either play from the release of this game or either are popular for posting pictures in this game or in Discord.
I've also seen some users having private boards where they've posted embarassing pics that you could see only after befriending them, seeing that they were reviewed i thought nothing like that would happen but i was obviously wrong.

The chat, the board, the page, the photowall are all nice ideas to promote the social aspect, what isn't good is the like system which pushes people to behave more or less accordingly to what other users says or what a popular opinion written down in chat is dictating during that timeframe. With the existence of 3rd party softwares such Discord, is even easier to gather a group of like-minded people to willingly control the content of chats and therefore have higher chance to provide a ban for someone not so popular that was either mentioning a user, replying in regard of a specific subject or simply sharing a different opinion.

My suggestion is to remove every kind of benefit upon reporting users and to remove the ''like counter'' in the user page keeping it only for the pictures he shares, unlocking frames as perks obtainable through the game itself and not for an external game of internal politics.
Hide it if anything, at least a user with 1800 likes won't feel as a ''celebrity'' for many, as his/her opinion on every matter will be always valued more than the average joe with 5 likes and it'll grow exponentially as common users will see in those kind of people an example to follow by any means.

Same goes for the board, why allow people to make it private when there are chats and we have the ability to send pictures? if i don't want random users to see the pictures i put in my board for X reason, i simply do not post them.
People are using this function to post inappropriate contents for likes, often tricking other users into thinking that they're the person in those shots when they clearly aren't.

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