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All the Small Things (Suggestions)

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- In the Guild menu add a "Wishes Granted/Shards Given" section. This would allow members/officers to monitor who hasn't granted a wish (would help a lot with the daily quest)

- In the Guild menu, add a permanent Member log that keeps info like when a member joined, when a member has left etc.

- Add rewards for the most active members in the guild. For example, give an end-of-the-week bonus to guild members with the highest duel score/rank, most tasks accomplished, most medals earned etc.

- Add rewards for Guilds Overall. For example, the #1 guild in Duel score gets a bonus, the #1 guild in Guild activeness gets a bonus etc. This could apply to the top 3 guilds.

- When using a friend's shikigami, add a notification at the end of the battle (or during) when you used up all the times you can use the shikigami.

- In Duel/Coop Duel, it would be nice if the game doesn't just immediately match you up with the next player in queue. The system could wait up to 30 seconds to match you with someone of a similar level (For example, LV. 25 would meet LV 20 - 30 players). Once 30 seconds has passed, it would then just match you up with the next player in queue, no matter what the player's level is. All of this would still follow Ranking of course (Rank/Tier 1 meets only Rank/Tier 1 etc)

- Allow a "Random" option for the "Seal"/Courtyard mascot. This could make the game more interesting as whenever the player goes back to the courtyard, it would be a different shikigami.

- Allow an "Auto-end" option which would claim the end of battle awards and end the battle automatically.

Lastly, a personal request. Please balance speed teams. How? Just one way: each member of a team acts once and only once per turn (no matter how much SPD they gain throughout a turn). Once a shikigami gets a turn, that's it. Even if SPD would be added again, the shikigami can't act again until all the members of the opposing team acts as well. The only exception to rule are "Extra Turn" skills. (Maestro, Kagura etc.)

Kamaitachi paired with Yamausagi dominate PVP. PVP basically boils down to "which Kamaitachi or Yamausagi got lucky with their 6 star souls".  

SPD Teams are perfectly fine but locking someone out of their game is NOT. Just like in any other locks/endless loops (Yugioh, Magic The Gathering etc) these combos are unfair and offer little to no interactivity. In the aforementioned games, lockdown/loop combos get a hit or are nerfed in some way. It should happen in Onmyoji as well.

Thanks for everything and hoping for kind feedback.

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