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Binding to Facebook Issue, Advanced Summon Event is busted?

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Edited by Larg at 2018-1-7 01:00

The game crashes when I try to link my account to my Facebook.  My Facebook uses a different email address than my Google account to which my account is binded to.  The Google account my game account is binded to is a sub-account of my email I use with Facebook: it's not a sketchy email for rerolling. As someone else posted the issue, I thought I'd give my experience too regarding the different emails perhaps triggering the errors with synchronization.

Secondly, the Advanced Summon Event doesn't work on my Android tablet running 7.0 operating system using Chrome.  The image doesn't load properly: you cannot scroll down the summoning item to the summoning circle in an attempt to get the SSR.  I tried to do it on my computer: the site is not functional on desktop.  I tried loading an Android emulator, Nox 6.0 to see if I could solve the issue with a different Chrome source: it also doesn't work on the emulator.

The drum page loads perfectly.  But when it gets to the 'summon' page, everything seems jumbled together.  When you click 'summon', you're taken to the page with the paper Shinigami doll, which you're allowed to move around, but you're stuck on the top 10% of the page.  It's excessively frustrating.  Attempted to type the URL into the Chrome browser manually, and from clicking the link from the Facebook app on the Android tablet.  Tried altering the zoom on the tablet itself: it won't change the page.  Turning the tablet vertically prompts a warning to put the tablet back on landscape mode: but turning the tablet vertically actually lets you see the summoning circle that you're supposed to pull the doll to.  Given the rarity of SSRs in the game it would be helpful if you could rectify the issue quickly?  Thanks!

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