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Update Announcement (Feb. 13th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience,we have performed Valentine's Day update on Feb 13th 00:00 EST. The serverswere not going down for this update, please enjoy the game
----Update Content----
1. NewChallenge: Okuribito Defense
Okuribito and Ittan-momen arearriving in Heian-Kyo. Onmyoji, are you ready for the new defense?
Event Time:
Challenge Stage: Feb. 14th - Feb. 20th (EST)
Daily Opening Hours: 2:00 - 24:00 EST
Display Stage: Feb. 21st 00:00 - Feb. 22nd 23:59 EST

Event Rules
- Players of level 30 and above are eligible to participate.
- Each challenge costs 5 AP with no limitation on the number of attempts.
- Defense Damage is calculated based on the damage dealt withOkuribito/Ittan-momen (damage to minions won't be calculated). The highestDefense Damage of the day will be calculated towards each day's DefenseScores.
- Defense Scores in each zone are calculated separately. Two scores sum up tothe day's Defense Score. The Defense Score of each day sums up to the EventTotal Score.
- Defense Damage dealt in team mode will only be calculated into IndividualAccumulated Damage and the total Defense Damage of all players on the server.It will not be calculated into the Defense Score or will not be counted inranking.
- As some shikigami have healing ability, the real-time score may be reducedwhen Okuribito or Ittan-momen being healed in the battle. In this case, eachchallenge grants at least 100 points.
- Players with an Event Total Score below 300,000 will not be put in theranking.

Assisting Shikigami
- Players can spend Jade to have an assisting shikigami to help in the defenseevery day.
- The assisting shikigami will become an extra ally unit in the battle.
- Each assisting shikigami will be available until 12:00 A.M. the next day.

Event Rewards
- Rich rewards will be offered for the first 2 challenges daily, normal rewardswill be offered since the third time. A challenge reward will be offered whencompleting the challenges of two zones in “solo mode” for the first time eachday.
- Individual Accumulated Damage Rewards will be offered when player's totaldamage to Okuribito or Ittan-momen reaches certain thresholds.
- The server's Defense Reward Grade will be decided on the server total damagewhen the event ends.
- Individual Rewards are based on one’s performance in the server percentilerank. Better rewards for higher rank players.
- Players ranked in the top tier are eligible to receive SR Shikigami Okuribitoand Ittan-momen shards. Okuribito and Ittan-momen will be available to summon.We will inform the exact date later.
- Defense Grade Rewards will be issued to players on Feb. 22nd by in-game mail.Please don’t forget to claim the rewards.

Note: Okuribito and Ittan-momencannot be summoned in this update.
2. Paper CraneWishes
Do you have a secret affection fora fellow Onmyoji, or maybe just a heartfelt thank you to those who helped youin Heian-Kyo?
Why not let the paper crane carryyour message!
On Feb. 14th (EST), players canpurchase "aper Crane Wishes" in the mall to deliverer messages;meanwhile, players will receive the event-limited frame after purchase.
Wish receivers can give a response,while others can give a like in the channel to receive a random reward.
For every paper crane received, 1paper crane will show up on courtyard trees. The max. amount of paper cranedisplayed is seven.
Don't miss out the chance ofconfessing your love!
3. Demon Sealfor Ittan-momen
From Feb. 14th 00:00 to Feb 20th23:59 EST, Ittan-momen's shards are in Demon Seal(maximum10 shards daily).Collect 40 shards to summon your own Ittan-momen!
Note: Ittan-momen cannot besummoned in this update.
----Fixed Issues andOptimizations----
1. Fixed language and technicalbugs.


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