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Update Announcement (Jan. 30th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an updatefrom Jan. 30th 2:00 to Jan. 30th 6:00 EST. During this time you will not beable to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due totechnical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
----Update Content----
1. SSR Shikigami Menreiki arrives!
The new SSR Shikigami Menreiki is coming to Onmyoji with the time limitedMenreiki Summoning Event
Event Time: After the maintenance on January 30th - February 5th 23:59 EST
- During the event, the chances of summoning Menreiki will be 2.5 times (Up to3 times).
- During the event, players who performed 10x summons and received all RShikigami for the first time will receive a discount voucher.
- During the event, players who did not obtain an SP or SSR Shikigami afterperforming 10 consecutive summons will then receive 1 Mystery Amulet.
2. Menreiki Memory Scrolls Event
Event Time: After the maintenance on January 30th - February 19th 23:59 EST
During the event, players can obtain scroll shards byparticipating in different in-game activities. For every scroll shard donated,players will receive 1 random reward. After the memory scroll has beenrepaired, players can view the corresponding story. Rewards will be given outto players according to their donation ranking, including Menreiki shards, theNoh Masks Frame, Skill Daruma, and more.
3. Kiyohime's Secret Zone is Coming!
After the update on January 30th, prepare for the new secretzone "Kiyohime's Grudge!" Clear different stages in the secret zoneto obtain rewards including Grade 4 Grade Daruma and Skill Daruma. Clear the10th stage to get Kiyohime's skin "Scarlet Love!"
4. G6 Exchange Amulet Available in Shrine
After the update on January 30th, "G6 Exchange Amulet"will be added to the lineup in the shrine!  G6 Exchange Amulets allows aGrade 6 Shikigami to switch level and grade with another Shikigami.
1. Using an Exchange Amulet will switch the level and grade of the twoShikigami involved (One must be G6). Skill levels of the Shikigami will remainunchanged.
2. Exchange Amulets cannot be used on Grade Darumas.
3. Exchange Amulets have an expiry date. Please use it before it expires.
5.  Ebisu's Boutique
Event Time: After the update on Jan. 30th until Feb.19th 23:59 EST
How to play:
- Recharge to a certain amount to obtain bonus rewards, including "Dark Seimei"limited skin.
- For players who already have "Dark Seimei" limited skin, they willreceive a "Lord of Kyoto" frame instead.
- Players who already have "Lord of Kyoto" frame will receive anupgraded Gold Daruma version "Lord of Kyoto" frame.
- For players who already have the Gold Daruma version "Lord ofKyoto" frame, they will receive 2 Boutique talismans instead, and willgain the right to enter the Boutique!
- The Boutique offers various items for exchange.
6. New Skins for Susabi and Chin
After the update on Jan. 30th, Susabi's new skin “Summer Night Sky” and Chin's“Twittering Emerald”  will be available for purchase in skin store. Therewill be a 20% discount for the first week, don’t miss out!
7. New loading pictures on sale!
Added an update default pictures of Lunar New Year and joyful winter days, andalso the previous update default loading pictures and the upcoming mysteriousShikigami's pictures are available to buy in the mall.
8. Lunar New Year Events upcoming!
To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, get ready for a series of events in Heian-Kyo! Come and get your share of fortune!
- Daily Free Summon
Event time: February 4th 00:00 - February 8th 23:59 EST
During the event, players get 1 free summon every day!
- Shikigami Skins on Discount
Event time: February 4th 00:00 -  February 8th 23:59 EST
During the event, all skins in the shop except Susabi's "Summer Night Sky", Chin's "Twittering Emerald" and all the Limited Shikigami skins will be 20% off!
Note:  Susabi's "Summer Night Sky" and Chin's "Twittering Emerald" will be 20% off during February 4th 00:00 to February 6th 02:30 EST since they are still in the first-week discount.
- Lunar New Year Packs on Sale
Event time: On sale from February 4th 00:00 - February 5th 23:59 EST
- Lunar New Year Boss Challenge
Event time: February 4th - February 5th, 2:00 - 22:00 daily EST
Challenge the Lunar New Year Boss Ebisu for a chance to obtain rewards including many frames such as Ebisu Frame, Reality Rendezvous Frame, Jade, AR Amulets, and more. Also, the new item Challange Coin can be obtained during the event. Use Challenge Coins that are randomly dropped by Boss Ebisu to redeem various rewards in the Challenge Shop! The Challenge Shop will be open for business during the event!
1. Increased the rate of searchingthe boss in Demon Encounter.
2.  Optimized UI for Bond:
- Added current Bond value to the Bond progress bar. Players can see clearlyhow much Bond they have established with other players;
- Added a daily Bond progress page where players can check how much Bond they'vereceived for the day and how much Bond they can receive for each interactionwith their friends; (Data between friends may be subject to time lags. Pleasewait for the data of both players to be synced.)
-  Sending skins to a friend now will increase your Bond with your friendby 75 for each skin sent.
3. Lineup previews in Personal Realm Raids and Guild Raids now show the Onmyojiinfo of the lineups.
4.  Blacklist function improved. Blacklisted players can no longer leavemessages on the player's Page.
5. Timer added to the Sougenbi zones and Totem zones.
6. Optimized operations for Pre-set Soul Profiles. Players can now change thecurrently displayed Shikigami in the profile list page. They can also now tapon the blank space to close the page.
7. Optimized the UI of Collection - Area Collection.
8. Shikigami Model Improvements
- Improved the model display of Aoandon after her evolution.
- Improved the model display of Enma after her evolution.
9. The PC version now supports mouse wheel scrolling in the Exploration zone.
10. Added lock lineup function to the Guild Raid page.
11. Improved the display of the EXP bar of players at max level in Courtyardand Town.
12. Players can now access the Onmyoji and Shikigami page in the Area Boss mainpage, helping them make adjustments to their Onmyoji, Shikigami, and soulsequipped.
13. Improved how the date is displayed in friends' chat.
14. Players can now lock their Shikigami shards. Locked Shikigami shards mustbe unlocked before they can be used to summon a Shikigami. Players can stilldonate the shards they have locked to their guildmates or friends.
16. Added a page-closing option when a friend sends a Co-op Wanted Quest.
----Fixed Issues and Optimizations----
1. Fixed language and technicalbugs.
2. Fixed the missing firework effect and the Shikigami Easter egg in theCourtyard's Summer Nights skin.
3. Fixed the skill names of Yellow Imp, which were displayed incorrectly whenusing the skills in certain zones as a monster.
4. Fixed a stretched camera view issue when tapping Shrine in some cases.
5. Fixed the battle replays showing the unmatched Shikigami evolution statusand skin.
6. Fixed the issue with the Exploration zone map appearing abnormal whenmulti-touch is used.
7. Fixed the issue with the team page appearing abnormal when players try toenter a team while the display Shikigami for the Courtyard is being changed.
8. Fixed the issue with the tab text of Explore and Challenge in the first 18chapters showing incorrect colors when players switch between the two tabs.
9. Fixed the issue with the purchase pop-up still appearing for items that aresold out in the Merchant.
10. Fixed an issue of additional Slow effect in Poison status due to aninability to trigger the effect of increasing the extra base chance ofinflicting Freeze on the target, created by the SR Shikigami Yuki Onna'sBlizzard or the 4-piece set effect of Snow Spirit.
11. Fixed an issue causing Yamakaze's Violent failure to take effect at the endof a turn when the effect of Suppress inflicted on Yamakaze disappears on theturn he's inflicted with the Suppress effect.
12. Fixed an issue causing Kosodenote's Thread Connection to be unable totransfer indirect damage.
13. Fixed an issue causing the controlling effect of Deep Slumber being removedwhen no actual damage is dealt due to the protection of the shielding effect.
14. Fixed an issue enabling Kuro's Soul Rage to still be triggered bytransferred damage under some circumstances.
15. Fixed an issue causing the effect of The Protection of Shiro from Shiro'sSoul Call to remove other shielding effects when blocking damage.
16. Fixed the required score display being shown incorrectly for each tier inDuel Tiers.
17. Fixed an issue causing some battle result pages to look abnormal.
18. Fixed the wine table and the paper doll appearing outside the screen whenusing the Kosodenote-themed realm skin Threaded Memories in some resolutions onsome devices.


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