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Update Announcement (Jan. 2nd EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,

To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update from Jan. 2nd 2:00 to Jan. 2nd 5:00 EST. During this time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

----Update Content----

1.Anniversary Boss Challenge!
Event Time: 2019 January 4th - January 5th, 2:00 - 22:00 EST each day

To celebrate Onmyoji's Global's 1st anniversary, new characters will become bosses, waiting to be challenged by Onmyoji across the world! Challenge them for a chance to obtain the “Ootengu Frame”!

2.Frogs Blessings!
Event Time: January 2nd, 2019 00:00 - January 6th, 2019 23:59 EST

Players level 15 or above can receive 3 Frog Fortune Eggs from the event page every day. Open the eggs to receive a random reward, including exclusive frames, Shikigami skins, Onmyoji skins, etc.

Note: The Frog Fortune Eggs reset at 0:00 EST every day. Unopened eggs won't be kept to the next day, so remember to open all of them in time!

3. Demon Parade Chance Up!
Event Time: January 2nd, 2019 00:00 - January 8th, 2019 23:59 EST

During the event period, chances of the first 5 games each day will be increased! Onmyoji, have your beans ready!

4. New Event: Bond Up! Shikigami Visit!
Event Time: January 2nd, 2019 00:00 - January 15th, 2019 23:59 EST

During the event, tap on the paper doll in the courtyard to enter the event page. In the event page, tap on the "Bond" icon above the paper doll's head to check details.

There will be 9 missions in total. When a player clears a mission, the corresponding Shikigami will come to the event scene and unlock a reward. Complete all 9 missions to receive 3 Mystery Amulets and an Anniversary Frame as a bonus reward!

Note: The Shikigami unlocked in this event are only available in the event scene. The event scene will become inaccessible after the event ends.

5. Exploration Monster Bonus Up Event
Event Time: January 2nd, 2019 00:00 - January 8th, 2019 23:59 EST

During the event, enemies in the Exploration Zone will have two reward bonuses at the same time, allowing you to earn more EXP, coins, or loot per battle!

6. Anniversary Loading Pictures Update!

After the update on Jan. 2nd, new loading pictures for Anniversary are online! Go and check them out!

7. Daily Free Draw!
Event Time: Jan. 4th, 00:00 - Jan. 8th 23:59 EST

During the event, daily login to have a free draw! Come to celebrate the anniversary with us!

----Fixed Issues and Optimizations----

- Fixed language and technical bugs.


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