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Update Announcement (Dec. 5th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,

To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update at Dec. 5th 00:00 EST. the servers will not go down for this update, so just enjoy it :)

1. Winter Festival: Earn Points and Get Prizes!

Event time: after the update on December 5th - December 18th 23:59 EST

How to play:
- Players can gain scores after battling in the Exploration Zone, Evo Zone, Soul Zone, Realm Raid or Duel.
- Players can also gain scores by summoning with Mystery Amulets, Jade, AR Amulets or Broken Amulets.
- Scores can be used to redeem lots of rewards including SSR Shikigami Shards.

2. Get Ready with the New SP Skins!

Event time: after the update on December 5th - December 11th 23:59 EST

A new lineup of SP skins is coming! Get yours for this holiday season!

SP Skins lineup:
Kiyohime's SP skin "Dark Blue"
Maestro's SP skin "Pale Fragrance"
Nekomata's SP skin "Green Onion"
Aobozu's SP skin " Bamboo Green"

How to get the SP skins:
- By using Mystery Amulet, AR Amulet or Jade to summon, players have a chance to be entitled to 1 SP skin once. You can choose which SP skin you want from the 4 above.
- Players can also redeem 1 SP skin using Gold Talisman in the event page once.
- Players can get at most 2 SP skins from this event.

Soft Reminder:
- If the player forgot to pick up his or her skin when the event ends, a random SP skin that the player isn't in possession of, will be picked from the lineup and be delivered through in-game mail.

3. Croak, croak, croak! The Froglets Return!

Event Time: December 3rd 0:00 - December 10th 23:59 EST

During the event, Royal Battle will switch to "Froglet Invasion" mode. Onmyoji can command up to 14 different SSR Froglets, coupled with 4 special type of souls in battle.

- For consecutive victories: Froglets’ shards, Grade Daruma, Realm Card, Mystery Amulet etc.
- Ranking: Froglet’s frame “Croak, Croak, Croak” (Valid for 2 weeks), Froglets’ shards, Skill Daruma, Skin Token, high grade Cyan Imp etc.

Note: During the event, Royal Battle will be held from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 - 12:00 and 21:00 - 23:00 EST every day. Also, a Froglet Ranking will be added, individual tracking the performance of each SSR Froglet.

4. It's Time to Fight Together!

Event time: after update on December – December 16th 23:59 EST

How to play:
Courtyard → event → Co-op Combat Event
Here, players can team up with other players to gain points, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards.

Jade, Mystery Amulet, Soul drop rate buff, and more.

- Points gained are only valid during this event and will become void once the event ends.
- When exchanging rewards, points are directly deducted, and the item is directly awarded.

5. New Packs on Sale!

- Summon Pack I  (price: 50 S-Jade)
Daily rewards for 5 days: Mystery Amulet x1, Skin Token x20, AP x20

- Summon Pack II (price: 350 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x15, Base Daruma x5, Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x5, Jade x300

- Summon Pack III (price: 850 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x30, Base Daruma x10, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10, Jade x850

- Summon Pack IV (price: 1600 S-Jade)

Mystery Amulet x50, Grade 4 Grade Daruma x3, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10, Jade x1000, Skill Daruma x1

----Bug fixes----
1. Fixed issues that caused the level-up button to show a red dot notification when the guild is already at max level.


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