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Update Announcement (Nov. 7th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing anupdate at Nov. 7th 00:00 EST. the servers will not go down for this update, sojust enjoy it
----Updates Include----
1. Daruma rush! Are you in need of Daruma? The chance hascome!
Event time: After the update on November 7th – November 20th23:59 EST
During the event, players clearing Evo Zone, Soul Zone orWanted Quest will have a chance to obtain different types of Daruma Cards.Players can redeem different Darumas by spending Daruma Cards. Please note thatDaruma cards are only valid during this event, and will become void once theevent ends.
2. Get your Brand New SP skin before it's too late!
Event time: After the update on November 7th 0:00 - November13th 23:59 EST
Colorful Limited-Skins
4 Shikigami will receive an SP skin. Ebisu's SP skin"True Red", Kingyo's SP skin "ale Fragrance", Oitsuki's SPskin "Noble Violet", Ubume's SP skin "True Red".
How to get the SP skins:
- By using Mystery Amulets, AR Amulets or Jade to summon, players have a chanceto be entitled to 1 SP skin. You can choose which SP skin you want from the 4above
- You can also redeem 1 SP skin using Gold Talisman in the event page
- Players can get at most 2 SP skins from this event
Just a Reminder:
- If the player forgot to pick up his or her skin when the event ends, an SPskin will randomly be chosen from the lineup that the player isn't inpossession and delivered through in-game mail
3. Pick your Souls for the Weekend!
Event time: November 10th, 00:00 - November 11th, 23:59 EST
During this event, you can choose the type of souls that dropin Soul Zone. You can choose 4 types of souls, while the same soul cannot bechosen more than once in any lineup. After you have selected your souls, youcan edit the lineup at any time. The lineup applies to the first 200 challengesper day. After this, the dropping rate and type of souls will return to normal.
4. Welcome to Fortune Temple!
Event time: After the update on November 7th 0:00 – November15th 23:59 EST
During the event, players can use coins, jade, medals, exchange for items in Fortune Temple. Each item can only be purchased onceper day and the quota resets on 0:00 EST. The items will refresh every 3 days.
5.  New Packs on Sale!
- Summon Pack I (price: 50 S-Jade)
Daily rewards for 5 days: Mystery Amulet x1, Skin Token x20, AP x20
- Summon Pack II (price: 350 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x9, Base Daruma x5, Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x5, Jade x300

- Summon Pack III (price: 850 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x24, Base Daruma x10, G3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10, Jadex850
- Summon Pack IV (price: 1600 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x42, G4 Grade Daruma x3, G3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10,Jade x1000, Skill Daruma x1
----Optimizations and Bugs Fixed----
1. Fixed language and technical bugs.


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