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Update Announcement (Oct. 24th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,

To ensure a better game experience, we are performing anupdate from October 24th 2:00 to October 24th 6:00 EST. During this time youwill not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may beextended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience andunderstanding.

----Updates Include----

The new version "Blade Flashes, Petals Fall!" willbe released on October 24th after update!  Onmyoji, meet the Blade, newSSR Shikigami Onikiri!

1. Onikiri Chance Up!

Time:  After the update on October 24th -  October30th 23:59 EST
During the time period, the summon rate of Onikiri will be increased to 2.5times!
*The summon rate will revert to normal after the player has pulled one Onikiri.

2. Memory Scrolls of Onikiri is going to uncover
Time: After the update on October 24th - November 13th 23:59 EST

come and witness the bitter and painful memory of the Bladeof Genji. The story of Onikiri, the history of Mt. Oe, the conspiracy of theMinamoto Clan, all concealed within 9 memory scrolls. Players can obtain scrollshards through different parts of the game.

- For every scroll shard donated, players will receive 1 random reward.
- At the end of the event, players will be rewarded according to their donationranking. Players have a chance to receive Onikiri shards, frame, skill daruma,grade daruma, mystery amulet, coins, etc.

3. Behold the new skin of Onikiri!

After the update on October 24th, Onikiri’s new skin “WhiteHibiscus” will be available for purchase! It is 20% off for the first week!

4. Deep Friendship Event is Coming!
In addition to Onikiri's new skin, Skin Gifting will also be implemented! Gifta certain skin in the time period below to not only receive a discount, butalso an exclusive frame!

Time: After the update on October 24th - November 7th 2:30(EST)
During the event, skins of Onikiri, Shuten Doji, and Ibaraki Doji in the SkinGift Shop will be 25% off. (Can be stacked with other discounts). Gift a friendany skin of Onikiri, Shuten Doji or Ibaraki Doji to receive an exclusive"Mt. Oe" frame!

5. New recharge event "Blade Flashes, Petals Fall!"comes

Time: After the update on October 24th - November 13th 23:59EST

Take part in the event and recharge to earn more MysteryAmulets, Grade Daruma, Skill Daruma and a particular frame "Lord ofKyoto"!

If you've obtained Lord of Kyoto Frame before, it will beautomatically exchanged as the Gold Daruma Set! If you've obtained Gold DarumaSet before, it will be automatically exchanged as 30 Amulets!

6. New Loading Pictures!
Added 2 update default pictures of Onikiri, and the previous update defaultloading pictures "Froglets in the Garden", "SparklingNight" are available to buy in the mall.

7.  New Packs on Sale!
- Onikiri Coming! I (price: 50 S-Jade)
(2). Daily rewards for 5 days: Mystery Amulet x1, Skin Token x20, AP x20

- Onikiri Coming!  II (price: 350 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x9, Base Daruma x5, Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x5, Jade x300

- Onikiri Coming! III (price: 850 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x24, Base Daruma x10, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10,Jade x850

- Onikiri Coming! IV (price: 1600 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x42, Grade 4 Grade Daruma x3, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5,EXP Daruma x10, Jade x1000, Skill Daruma x1

----Fixed Issues and Optimizations----

1. 1. Fixed language and technical bugs.
2. Modified the login animation to the Onikiri one.


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