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Update Announcement (Sep. 26th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing anupdate from September 26th 2:00 to September 26th 5:00 EST. During this timeyou will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may beextended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience andunderstanding.
----Updates Include----
1. Get ready for Onmyoji x Mononoke Crossover Event! The lasttime!
The mysterious merchant with pointy ears is making his lastreturn to Heian-Kyo! With his Exorcism Sword, the Medicine Seller (VA: TakahiroSakurai) can defeat even the most fierce demon. Get ready for Onmyoji xMononoke Crossover Event (3rd time)!
Time: After the update on September 26th – October 2nd 23:59EST
Summon with Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets for a chanceto get shards of the Medicine Seller. Successfully clearing the MedicineSeller’s Demon Seal will also have a chance to obtain his shard! Collect 50shards to obtain the limited SSR character Medicine Seller!
- Medicine Seller can only be obtained through collecting shards. He cannot beobtained from summoning.
- This will be the LAST CHANCE to acquire Medicine Seller.
- Players Lvl 15 or above can obtain shards of Medicine Seller when summoning.
- Players Lvl 40 or above can wish for and donate Medicine Seller’s shards inthe guild interface.
- During the event, players have a chance to obtain Medicine Seller's shard byclearing his Demon Seal. Maximum of 1 shard per day can be obtained this way. (Players Lvl 15 or above can discover and challenge MedicineSeller's Demon Seal. Players Lvl 20 or above can participate in Demon Sealdiscovered by other players.)
- Medicine Seller is not included in the Shikigami Collection.
2. Beware! The Ultimate Orochi is approaching!
Dear Onmyoji, get ready for Ultimate Orochi!
How to play:
- After clearing stage 10 of Soul Zone, Ultimate Orochi will appear by chance.
- Players can team up with friends and spend 60 AP to challenge.
- There will be 10 stages for each challenge.
- Players who challenge the Ultimate Orochi can obtain Orochi’s Reverse Scale,random high-grade souls, and coins according to the stage they reached.
- Players will receive the "Orochi Mark III" by clearing stage 10.
- Players have chances to obtain the "Snake Sword" frame by clearingstage 7, 8, 9 or 10.
3. Beware of the deadly flower! New Secret Zone coming!
A new Secret Zone "Life of Higanbana" is coming to Onmyoji!
Time: After the update on September 26th
Secret Zone Rewards: Higanbana’s skin "Cavorting Candles", SkillDaruma, Grade 4 Grade Daruma, Mystery Amulets, and more.
4. Brave enough? Here's Test of Courage for you!
Dear Onmyoji, get ready for a Test of Courage (Kimodameshi)!
Time: After the update on September 26th.
How to play:
- During the event, Daily Quests will be replaced by Kimodameshi (Test ofCourage).
- Players who complete specific quests in Kimodameshi (Test of Courage) willobtain "Courage", which encourages Shikigami to proceed in theKimodameshi.
- When Courage reaches 20/40/60/80/100, players will receive correspondingrewards.
- Players who gain 100 Courage will complete the day's Kimodameshi, and unlockthe corresponding Kimodameshi story.
- There will be 7 stories in total. Players can unlock one story per day.
- There are various quests in Kimodameshi, players can decide which quests theywould like to challenge.
- Courage does not carry over to the next day. Therefore if the player did notobtain 100 courage or more the day before, he/she will have to start again from0 courage.
Wonder what secret is hidden within the forest?  Dear Onmyoji, hurry tofind out!
5. Test your Courage and Enjoy the Harvest Moon with yourShikigami!
During the Kimodameshi, the "Harvest Moon" event will also be held!Come and enjoy the moon with your Shikigami!
Time: After the update on September 26th – October 9th 23:59 EST
How to play:
- Players can access the event page by tapping on the rabbit in Courtyard ortapping on the event banner.
- During the event, players who reach 120 Courage or more will receive a rewardand a puzzle piece of an illustration. Players can collect the reward once perday.
- Collect the reward 7 times during the event period to receive Oitsuki’s newskin “Jade Tsuki”!
- After the illustration is completed, share the beautiful moon with yourfriends!
6. Shopkeeper's Benefit comes again!
Time: September 27th 00:00 – September 29th 23:59 EST
Shopkeeper's Benefit comes again! Hope you can get the best discount!
7. New Skin on Sale!
New skins of Puppeteer "Jade Haori" and Kaguya "Moonlit Bamboo" will be available at the skin store after theupdate. This skin will be 20% off for the first week only!
8. Limited Packs on Sale!
- Autumn Maples Pack  (price: 30 S-Jade)
Didn't get the Autumn Maples limited Frame in the Boss Challenge? A chancecomes up to you! Seize it cause it's the last chance to get the Autumn Mapleslimited Frame in this year!
Pack contains:
(1). Autumn Maples Frame x1
(2). Daily rewards for 5 days: Mystery Amulet x1, AP x20
Note: for Onmyoji who have had the frame purchase the pack,the frame will be automatically converted to 100 Jade.
- Mononoke  Pack I (price: 50 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x5, Base Daruma x5, Grade Daruma x3, AP x100
- Mononoke  Pack II (price: 350 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x10, Base Daruma x5, Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x5, Jade x300
- Mononoke  Pack III (price: 850 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x24, Base Daruma x10, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10,Jade x850
- Mononoke  Pack IV (price: 1600 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x42, Grade 4 Grade Daruma x3, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5 EXP Darumax10, Jade x1000, Skill Daruma x1
- Monthly Gift Bag for October (price: 50 S-Jade) Availablefrom Oct. 1st 00:00 EST
Pack contains:
(1). Moonlit Maples Frame x1
(2). Daily rewards for 30 days: Jade x20, Base Daruma x1, 15% Coin &EXPBonus (24h)
----------------Shikigami skill adjustments-------------
- Dodomeki
[Cursed Eye] Adjustments:
Dodomeki uses her ominous Ghost Eyes to gaze upon her enemies, with a 100% (+Effect HIT) chance of inflicting Gaze on them for 1 turn. When inflicted withGaze, all skills that consume orbs will be changed to Evil Light. Using EvilLight causes enemies to take damage equal to 211% of Dodomeki's ATK and frees allallies from Gaze.
※ No changes have been made to the leveled up skill. Damagedealt by the [Evil Light] skill of Gaze state will be converted to collateraldamage.
- Vampira
[Blood Fury] Adjustments:
Lost HP of Vampira will grant her a damage bonus. Every time her HP isdecreased by 1%, her damage dealt will be increased by 4%.
[Blood Embrace] Adjustments:
Vampira transforms into a bat and grabs the enemy. Deals damage equal to 131%of her ATK on the enemy. Also restores her HP by 20% of the damage dealt for 1turn.
No changes have been made to the leveled up skill.
Evolution Effect Adjustments:
Vampira transforms into a bat and grabs the enemy. Deals damage equal to 131%of her ATK on the enemy. Also grants a bat shield with HP equal to 20% ofdamage dealt for 1 turn. Grabbed enemy will receive damage equal to 10% of itsMax HP per turn. (Every single damage won’t exceed 400% of Vampira’s ATK.)Lasts for 2 turns.
※ Passive skill won’t be only triggered by the normal attack.HP Steal of Blood Embrace will be adjusted to forming a shield. Staggereddamage dealt after evolution will be added into collateral damage.
- Kiyohime
[Venom Frenzy] Adjustments: Adjusted from decreasing target’s DEF from acertain percentage to decreasing target’s DEF by a fixed amount. Effect:
Every time target is poisoned by Kiyohime, target’s DEF will be decreased by 10and max DEF will be decreased by 150 till battle ends.
Every time target is poisoned by Kiyohime, target’s DEF will be decreased by 20and max DEF will be decreased by 300 till battle ends.
[Sacrificial Fire] Adjustments on the basic rate and level of triggeringPoisoned with skill: Changed from a 60% chance of triggering LV.2 Poisoned to a100% chance of triggering LV.3 Poisoned. Duration remains to be 5 turns.
- Shiro Mujou
[Hands of Hell] Adjustments: Raised the damage dealt by the taking life stateafter the turn from 132% of ATK (Max Level: 152%) to 158% of ATK (Max Level:182%).
※ Adjustments on the basic rate and level of triggeringPoisoned with skill after evolution: Changed from an 80% chance of triggeringLv.3 Poisoned to a 100% chance of triggering Lv.4 Poisoned. Duration remains tobe 1 turn.
- Momiji
[Maple Shot] Adjustments:
Shoots maple leaves at an enemy, dealing damage equal to 100% of her ATK.
※ No changes have been made to the leveled up skill. Skilldamage will be increased by level.
[Explosive Death] Adjustments:
Momiji will summon a maple doll to target when attacking target. Maple dollwill last for 2 turns. Target possessed by maple doll will be cursed, underwhich a 50% chance of receiving damage equal to 18% of current HP afterattacking with normal attack each time. (Can’t exceed 250% of Momiji’s ATK.)
Lv.2: Chance of triggering Curse increases to 60%. Damage dealt increases to22% of current HP.
Lv.3: Chance of triggering Curse increases to 70%. Damage dealt increases to26% of current HP.
Lv.4: Chance of triggering Curse increases to 80%. Damage dealt increases to30% of current HP.
Lv.5: When target possessed by maple doll uses the skill that requires orbs, itgrants a 50% chance to make target use 1 more orb.
[Dance of Death] Skill basic effect remains the same: Momiji transforms mapleleaves into blades and sends them flying through all enemies. Deals damageequal to 132% of her ATK.  
No changes have been made to the leveled up skill. Skill damage will beincreased by level.
Evolution Effect Adjustments:
When target possessed by the maple doll dies, all maple dolls will explode.Each doll will deal damage equal to 42% of Momiji’s ATK to all targets.
- Hangan
[No Mercy] Adjustments:
When Hangan deals damage, every time the target loses 1% of Max HP, Crit Ratewill be increased by 1%. Deals 10% extra damage to revive enemies.
Lv.2: Extra damage dealt will be increased to 20%.
Lv.3: Extra damage dealt will be increased to 30%.
Lv.4: Extra damage dealt will be increased to 40%.
Lv.5: Every 1% exceeded Crit Rate will be converted to 1% Crit Damage.
※ Still unlocks after evolution.
[Death Penalty] Adjustments:
Hangan sentences all enemies to death, dealing damage equal to 79% of his ATK.Adds a healing Death Verdict state that can absorb the damage of the sameamount for 1 turn. This state can’t be dispelled and will only be removed afterabsorbing enough healing amount. If Death Verdict is not removed, the targetwill receive damage equal to 79% of Hangan’s ATK before next move.
※ Effect: Skill damage will be increased by 5% per level.(Including the original damage and the later collateral damage.)
- Itsumade
[Dance of the Wind] Adjustments:
When Itsumade Co-ops or is invited to battle, its attack attempts can beincreased according to the amount of Golden Feather. Adjusted in order to keepthe consistency of the game rules.
- Mio
[Woman Scorned] Lv.3 Skill Adjustments:
Dealing damage grants a 100% (+Effect HIT) chance to trigger an LV.5 Poisonedto target. (Decreases target’s SPD by 10% and ignores 50 of target’s DEF whencalculating collateral damage.) Inflicts the target with a Cunning Mark.Cunning Mark will deal collateral damage equal to 10% of Mio’s ATK to its hosteach turn.
※ Removed the requirement of inflicting Cunning Mark bylaunching critical hit. Damage dealt will be added to collateral damage and itwill be adjusted to absolute hit. An effect of triggering Poisoned to a singletarget will be added as well.
- Tanuki
[Drunken Stupor] Adjustments:
Tanuki has a 20% chance to fall asleep at the end of the turn. When it wakesup, it will restore 6% HP. It has a 50% chance to be woken up by an attack.After being woken up, it will add a Drunk mark to the attacker.
Lv.2: HP Regen +32%
Lv.3: Move Bar will be increased by 30% after being woken up
Lv.4: Chance of falling asleep increases up to 40%
Lv.5: Add a Drunk Mark to all enemies after being woken up
[Fiery Moonshine] Adjustments:
Tanuki swigs a mouthful of wine and restores its HP by 18% of Max HP. Spits outflames that burn all enemies to deal damage equal to 12% of Tanuki’s currentHP.
Skill effects after evolution:
Tanuki swigs a mouthful of wine and restores its HP by 18% of Max HP. Spits outflames that burn all enemies to deal damage equal to 12% of Tanuki’s currentHP. Ignites all Drunk Marks on target to form wine fire. Each layer of winefire will last for 1 turn to decrease target’s DEF by 10% and deal collateraldamage equal to Tanuki’s Max HP after target’s turn.
Effect: Original damage will be increased by 15% per level.
※ Passive adds Accelerator and increases the efficiency ofstacking Drunk Marks. Grants [Fiery Moonshine] the effect of restoring HP.Adjusted damage data and rules and all Drunk Marks will be used.
- Karasu Tengu
[Blade of Justice] Adjustments:
Karasu Tengu charges at the enemy and unleashes and cuts into them with hisblade. Deals damage equal to 80% of his ATK. Has a 30% chance to make 1 allyjoin the attack.
Lv. 2: Skill damage increases by 10%.
Lv.3: Chance of making ally join the attack increases up to 35%
Lv. 4: Skill damage increases by 10%.
Lv.5: Chance of making ally join the attack increases up to 40%
[Purification Wings] Adjustments:
At the beginning of the turn, Karasu Tengu has a 50% chance to dispel 1negative effect for 1 random ally. (Including Taunt, Freeze, Silence, Daze,Sleep, Morph, Confuse.)
Lv.2: [Purification Wings] chance increases up to 70%
Lv.3: [Purification Wings] chance increases up to 90%
Lv.4: When attacking with your ally, all negative effects will be dispelled.
※ Still unlocked after evolution.
[Deadly Flock] Adjustments:
Karasu Tengu summons crows to attack all enemies to deal damage equal to 119%of ATK to each enemy according to the HP. When dealing damage to each target,it has a 30% chance to make 1 ally to join the attack. (Each ally can only helponce.) Every time one target is killed, skill damage dealt will be increased by20%. Can be increased up to 100%.
- Kyonshi Ototo
[Noxious Spray] Adjustments:
Kyonshi Ototo sprays noxious mist at all enemies to deal damage equal to 76% ofhis ATK and targets will receive collateral damage equal to 22% of KyonshiOtoto’s ATK for 2 turns. When collateral damage is dispelled, target enters thePoison state, under which ATK will be decreased by 40% over 2 turns.
※ Staggered damage will be added to the collateral damage.Poison state effect will be adjusted as decreasing DEF.
- Chocho
[Dance of Hope] Adjustments:
Dispel 3 negative effects for 1 ally and restore HP equal to 30% of Chocho’sMax HP for the ally. (Original rate: 24%) Triggers Butterflies Dance state for3 turns. Restores 30% HP for Chocho in the coming 3 turns.
- Warrior Soul
[Soul Slash] Adjustments:
Warrior Soul decreases the hit of the targets possessed by dead souls by 10%.
Lv.2: Effect HIT decrease up to 20%
Lv.3: Effect HIT decrease up to 30%
Lv.4: Effect HIT decrease up to 40%
Lv.5: When dead souls are dispelled, targets will lose 1 orb.
[Restless Rage] Adjustments:
Releases the restless souls of the dead to attack all enemies, dealing damageequal to 108% of Warrior Soul’s ATK. Souls will last for 3 turns. If an enemyuses any orbs while being possessed, it will receive damage equal to 54% of WarriorSoul’s ATK times the number of turns the souls have left. Enemy’s healingeffect will be decreased by 40% over 2 turns.
※ Effect: Skill damage will be increased by 5% per level.
- Nurikabe
[Defensive Wall] Adjustments:
Increases all allies’ DEF by 40% and Nurikabe’s DEF by 20% for 2 turns.
※ Increases the DEF bonus and effective turns.
-----------Soul Effect Adjustments-------------------------
- Watcher
Every time target’s HP is decreased by 15%, damage dealt will be decreased by10% when dealing damage.
- Snow Spirit
When dealing damage, it grants a 15% chance to freeze the target for 1 turn.(If the target is under Slow effect, the chance will be increased to 30%.) Whenbeing attacked, it can slow attack by 30 for 1 turn.
- House Imp
When attacking, if the target is under controlled, damage dealt will beincreased by 45%.
- Dice Sprite
Counters the attacker when resisting an effect and increases damage by 50%.Increases Move Bar by 25% when under control effect.
- Fenikkusu
When any target dies, it can restore HP by 20% of Max HP and increase damage by20% (max: 120%) till battle ends.
- Priestess
When dealing damage, she grants a 10% chance to inflict Daze to target for 1turn. If no target is under Daze, the chance will be increased to 20%.
- Tree Spirit
Increases healing effect by 20% when healing (If target’s HP is lower than 20%,the healing effect will be increased by 50%)
- Pearl
Grants target a shield that can’t be dispelled for 2 turns when healing toabsorb damage equal to 30% healing.
- Shamisen
When an ally is under a controlling effect, ally’s speed will be increased by30 for 2 turns. The effect won’t be dispelled and can be stacked by 2x.
- Tomb Guard
Every time target’s HP is decreased by 1%, crit damage dealt will be decreasedby 0.5%.
- Tsuchigumo
The only passive skill. When dealing damage to monsters, it will add 1Tsuchigumo Mark on the monster to decrease its SPD by 10% and deal 10%collateral damage for 1 turn. Max: 3 marks.
(Damage dealt by Tsuchigumo will be adjusted as collateral damage and will beinfluenced by Crit and Crit DMG. When target’s DEF is 0, it will launch acritical attack for sure. Damage adjusted to 10% accordingly.)
- Odokuro
The only passive skill. Increases damage dealt with monsters by 10%. If beingdamaged by a monster, damage dealt will be increased by 25% over 1 turn.

----------------Skill Optimization------------------------------
1. Boss in Demon Encounter strength increase after countless failure and HP hasbeen increased slightly.
2. Interface update: Descriptions of all Shikigami skills and Souls have beenoptimized.
3. Passive tabs have been added for Shikigami’s passive skills.
4. Cooldown time will be displayed for Shikigami’s skills. The originaldescription of skill cooldown will be removed.
5. If a shinigami's skills include additional skills, a detailed description ofthe additional skills will be displayed.
6. When viewing Shikigami’s skills, you can switch interface from[Detail/Upgrade]. You can view the upgrading effect in the [Upgrade] interfaceand the skill description in the [Detail] interface. Battle rules will bedisplayed in blue and state-related descriptions will be displayed in red.
7. Among state-related descriptions, tabs of buffs/common/debuffs will bemarked.
8. Raised the combo limit of Youko’s Blade Cyclone and Yaksha’s Underworld Seafrom 10x to 99x. Monsters in the zone won’t be influenced.
-----------Experience Optimization--------------
1. Optimization in Duel
- The original "Carp Banner" is modified as a "Judge Boss".
- Added the buff/debuff summary interface. Onmyoji can easily check thereal-time buff/debuff effects.
- Added settings for blocking opponent's messages and stickers. Onmyoji canfind the button at the right bottom of the opponent's profile.
- The tier enables the "draw mode" to build up teams before the duesstart decreases from 7 to 5.
- Optimized the teams building up the experience for tier 1 to 4. Added Pre-setButton for quickly choosing Shikigami.
- Added self-info checking in the team modifying period in a duel for easilychecking own info like tier, score, ranking, most used team and etc.
2. Optimized the releasing Shikigami experience in Shrine.The maximum number of releasing Shikigami each time increase from 6 to 20
3. Optimized the Battle experience of Boss Attack in Demon Encounter
4. Added "Inadvisable" for inadvisable missions in Dispatch
5. Blocked the chat function in Royal Battle
6. Optimized some user interfaces of the animal system.
--------------Problems Solved-------------------
1. Fixed language and technical bugs.
2. Fixed display bugs of some particular skill animations, skill icons, andShikigami figures.


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