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Update Announcement (Aug. 1st EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing anupdate from August 1st 2:00 to August 1st 5:00 EST. During this time you willnot be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended dueto technical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
----Updates Include----
1. New Feature "Dispatch Quests" is coming!
After the update on August 1st, a new feature “DispatchQuests” will become available! Onmyoji can assign multiple Shikigami tocomplete a dispatch quest. Dispatch quests have different ranks. The higher therank, the better the reward. The result of the Dispatch differs according tothe Shikigami sent out. The better the results, the better the reward.
- Completing a dispatch quest requires AP and time. The higher the player’slevel, the more quests you can take on simultaneously and higher the rank ofthe quests.
- Hints will be provided when tackling a quest. Players sending out the correctShikigami will have a better chance of achieving a better result. Also, evolvedShikigami and high-level Shikigami also increases the chance of achieving abetter result.
- Shikigami sent on a dispatch quest cannot be released or participate in otherdispatch quests until they return, but can be used in battle as normal. It isalso possible to force your Shikigami to return, in this case, the dispatchwill be deemed a failure and used AP will not be recovered.

2. The New Event "Fortune Temple" is Released!
Event time:  after the update on Aug. 2nd 0:00 - Aug.10th 23:59 EST
During the event, players can use coins, jades, medals, exchange for items in Fortune Temple. Each item can only be purchased onceper day and the quota resets on 0:00 EST.  The type of items availablewill refresh every 3 days.
Remember to check out Fortune Temple for bargains!
3. New Secret Zone "Shishio’s Wake" Added!
After the update on August 1st, a new Secret Zone “Shishio’s Wake”is coming to Onmyoji! Shishio has Inherited the mystic powers of the forest,can you stand against his powerful howl?
“The forest will punish you!”
4. The New Side Chapter “Tales of Aoandon” is Arrived!⭐
After the update on August 1st, side chapter “Tales ofAoandon” will be available.
To unlock the chapter:
* Required Shikigami: Tanuki and Hououka
“I'm the Queen of All Tales, Ready for a ride to hell?”
5.  New Skin on Sale! Onmyoji’ Yukata Gala Skins Coming!
These 4 Onmyoji' gala skins (Seimei’s “Lunar Corona”,Kagura’s “Pink Goldfish”, Hiromasa's “Bamboo Archer”, Yao Bikuni’s “SummerBreeze”) will be available in the skin store after the update on Aug. 1st! It’s20% off for the first week!
6.New Packs on Sale!
- Monthly Gift Bag (price: 50 S-Jade)
(1). Summer Fest Frame x1
(2). Daily rewards for 30 days: Jade x20, Base Daruma x1, 15% EXP Bonus(24h)x1, 15% Coin Bonus x1

- Weekend Pack I (price: 50 S-Jade)
Jade x150, G 4 Moon x1, EXP Daruma x1, 50% EXP Bonus (1d) x1, Soul RefreshVoucher (20 times)
-  Weekend Pack II (price: 200 S-Jade)
Jade x750, G 5 Moon x1, Grade Daruma x1, EXP Daruma x1,  50% EXP Bonus(1d) x1, Soul Drop Bonus (1h) x1
-   Weekend Pack III (price: 800 S-Jade)
Jade x2250, G 4 Grade Daruma x1, Skill Daruma x1, 100% EXP Bonus(1h) x1, 100% Coin Bonus (1h) x1, Soul Refresh Voucher (20 times)
Note: Weekend Packs are updated on every weekend.
- Summer Day's Pack I (price: 50 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x4, Skin Token x20, APx200
- Summer Day's Pack II (price: 350 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x8, Skin Token x40, AP x500, Jade x300
- Summer Day's Pack III (price: 850 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x22, Skin Token x80, AP x800, Jade x850
- Summer Day's Pack IV (price: 1600 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x42, Skin Token x150, AP x1500, Jade x1000, Skill Daruma x1
----Optimizations and Bugs Fixed----
1. Fixed language and technical bugs.
2. Modified the start time of Demon Encounter as 10:00 EST.
3. Balance Adjustments

The following shikigami skills have been adjusted:
1). SR shikigami Chin\'s skill adjustments:
No changes have been made to the feathers she shoots or the mechanics relatedto the Poison her skills inflict.
Her second skill, Poisonous Beauty, has been changed asfollows:
Swiftly shoots a batch of feathers at all enemies, inflicting 2 layers ofPoisonous Feathers on them. The enemy takes indirect damage equal to1%/3%/6%/10%/15% (based on the layers of Poisonous Feathers it has) of its maxHP at the beginning of its turn, to a maximum of 280% of Chin's ATK. PoisonousFeathers stack up to 5 layers and are reduced by 1 layer when the target takespoison damage.
Skill effects after level up:
Lv. 2: Increases indirect damage from Poisonous Feathers by 50%.
Lv. 3: Each layer of Poisonous Feathers on an enemy causes the indirect damageinflicted by Chin to ignore an extra 50 DEF when it's dealt to the enemy.
Lv. 4: Increases indirect damage from Poisonous Feathers by 50%.
Lv. 5 Any enemy with 5 layers of Poisonous Feathers takes damage equal to 30%of its max HP immediately when inflicted with Poisonous Feathers, to a maximumof 280% of Chin's ATK.
No changes have been made to the effect after her evolution: Inflicts 1 layerof Poisonous Feathers on the attacker when Chin is attacked.
Her third skill, Poison Erosion, has now been changed asfollows:
Chin releases the toxins in her feathers to wreak vengeance on 1 enemy, dealingdamage equal to 175% of her ATK and igniting all of Chin's feathers on theenemy, dealing an extra indirect damage equal to 35% x Poisonous Feathers layercount.
Skill effects after level up:
Lv. 2: All damage from the skill increases by 5%.
Lv. 3: All damage from the skill increases by 5%.
Lv. 4: All damage from the skill increases by 5%.
Lv. 5: All damage from the skill increases by 5%.
Also, Chin's skill using AI has been optimized in auto mode.
Designer's comments:
After a period of observation and collection of statistics, we found thatChin's ability to deal a lot of damage has declined to some extent sinceindirect damage was adjusted. The main reason behind this is that the poisondamage from Chin's feathers was decreased after the update, while her PoisonErosion, which players used less often, is still not being used effectively.
We hope to make Chin a mid-ranged damage-dealing shikigamiwhose expertise lies in dealing indirect damage. First, we increased herfeathers' ability to deal high damage in this adjustment, adding an effect thatallows her to ignore Defense. In addition, we removed the ability to dealdirect damage from Poisonous Beauty, making the skill focus mainly oninflicting feathers and Poison debuffs. In this way, we improved Chin's abilityto deal large amounts of damage. We also changed the damage type of part of theexplosive damage dealt by Poison Erosion into indirect damage. This allowsplayers to make consistent decisions when configuring her stats and choosingSouls for her. Again, we tried to make a single-target damage-dealing shikigamiwith the ability to deal explosive indirect damage. Now that we have changedthe level up effects of her Poison Erosion from increasing the direct skilldamage by 5% to increasing all damage (including indirect damage) from theskill by 5% (though we decreased the rate of damage from Poison Erosion by afairly small percentage), Chin now has another build that allows her to dealdamage mainly by using her Poison Erosion.
2). Medicine Seller's skill effects have been adjusted asfollows:
His second skill, Truth and Reasoning, has now been changed as follows:
After an enemy takes an action, Medicine Seller has a 40% (50% after hisevolution) chance of observing the identity of the target and inflicting aScale mark on them. Scale can be inflicted onto up to 3 targets and cannot bedispelled. When Medicine Seller attacks a target with a Scale mark, each Scalemark increases his damage by 33%. Target with 1/2/3 Scale marks are revealed byMedicine Seller when their HP drops below 30%/40%/60%. Revealed state lasts 2turns. Multiple Medicine Sellers do not cause the effect to stack.
In addition, Scale marks can now be inflicted onto Ushi no Toki's straw doll.
His third skill, Defense, has now been changed as follows:
Medicine Seller releases his sword and transforms into his inner self to attacka target, dealing damage equal to 263% of his ATK. Inflicts a Scale mark on thetarget if it's not KO'd by the attack. For a revealed target, damage (to amaximum of 600% of Medicine Seller's ATK) equal to their remaining HP isinflicted instead. The damage cannot be shared, transferred, or absorbed andignores target's soul effects and passive skills.
Designer's comments:
The chance of Defense inflicting a Scale mark on the enemy has been increasedfrom 75% to 100%. With this improvement, we hope to allow Medicine Seller to bemore active when selecting his target while making the skill more stable.
The damage from Defense has been increased from 500% of Medicine Seller'sAttack to 600% of his Attack. With this improvement, we hope to give him morestability when he tries to KO a revealed target.
We increased the damage inflicted on the target by MedicineSeller with Scale mark, hoping to allow him to deal a significant amount ofdamage even without the help of other powerful damage-dealing shikigami. TheCritical Hit Rate and Critical Damage should also have an important impact onthe battlefield in certain cases. Please note when using Defense to attack arevealed target that the damage dealt will not exceed 600% of Medicine Seller'sAttack.
3). Adjustments to Ibaraki Doji's Black Flame and RageOutlet:
Effect removed from Black Flame: Has a 30% chance of increasing the damage theenemy takes by 20% for 2 turns.
Effect added to Rage Outlet: When Ibaraki Doji's attack failsto KO an enemy, he gains a layer of Enraged Arm, increasing his damage by 33%.Enraged Arm stacks up to 3 layers.
4). Kamaitachi's United and Aoandon's Lantern Support can nowbe triggered even when they're under controlling effects of Freeze, Sleep, etc.
5). When the soul set effect is triggered for a Kamaitachiequipped with a Scarlet soul set, the passive skill United will not triggeragain. Also, when Scarlet's counter attack is triggered on a monster who hasthe soul set effect of Scarlet and Soultaker, its Soultaker will not trigger.


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