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Update Announcement (Jun. 20th EST)

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The landlord
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Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing anupdate from June 20th 2:00 to June 20th 5:00 EST. During this time you will notbe able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due totechnical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
----Updates Include----
1. Summer has arrived in Heian-Kyo! Let's feel the summerwith the new courtyard skin “Summer Nights”!

After the update, courtyard skin “Summer Nights” will be freely available foruse until July 4th! Please try it out!
(After the event, players may unlock “Summer Nights” by collecting pieces andcompleting the puzzle, please stay tuned!)
2. New R Juzu is coming!  
Juzu is a spirit originating from prayer beads (called Juzu in Japanese). Afterbeing discovered by monks, Juzu is welcomed to stay and help out in the temple.Kind-hearted, innocent and lovely, Juzu soon becomes popular among monks,bringing laughter and liveliness to the temple.
After the update, Juzu can be obtained from the shrine!
3. New Feature Area Boss is arriving!
Out of curiosity and adventurous spirit, numerous mightyShikigami are marking their territories in real-life locations that are relatedto their backgrounds…
After the next update, players will be able to challenge AreaBoss (tap the Assembly Realm portal in the Town to enter). By overcoming thesepowerful Shikigami, players can gain fame which expands their challenge scope,ultimately challenging all the bosses dispersed around the globe. Onmyoji, getyour lineup ready to defeat Area Boss and conquer the world!
4. "Showdown Bidding" Again!
Event Time: June 20th 11:00 - June 23rd, 23:00 EST
The "Showdown Bidding" comes back! A new game willstart every two hours. There will be two sides: Red and Blue. Each side will beoutfitted with a lineup of Shikigami. After viewing the lineup, players will begiven an opportunity to place bets on which side they think will be victorious.The battle will then be fought automatically. After the battle, a replay willbe made available for those who wish to watch. The victorious side will then begiven rewards.
Besides, this time you have the chance to win more rewards!(Comeback Rewards and High-stake Rewards)
To reward players who have an eye for spotting winners,players who bid on the third to fifth grade will receive extra Comeback Rewardsif the lineup with less support wins the showdown!
Once a showdown is available to bid on,  there's achance it may become a high-stake showdown. Players who bid on the fifth gradewill receive High-stake Rewards if they win!
5. New Feature "Badge" is online!
Go to get these badges and show them to everyone! (Tapping"Friends"->"Page"->"Badge")
6.  Limited Packs on Sale!
Special Midsummer Packs for you, including Instrument RealmCard!
- AP Supply Pack (price: 10 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
(1). AP x200
(2). Daily rewards for 3 days: AP x50, Coin x10,000
- Midsummer Pack I (price: 60 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x3, Base Daruma x2, Grade 2 Nether Lute x1, Grade 2 LightningDrum x1
- Midsummer Pack II (price: 200 S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x8, Grade Daruma x1, Grade 3 Nether Lute x1, Grade 3 LightningDrum x1, Grade 3 Demonic Zither x1
-  Midsummer Pack III  (price: 500S-Jade)
Pack contains:
Mystery Amulet x20, Grade Daruma x2, EXP Daruma x2, Grade 4 Nether Lute x1,Grade 4 Lightning Drum x1, Grade 4 Demonic Zither x1, Grade 4 Bamboo Flute x1
----Optimizations and Bugs Fixed----
1. Fixed language and technical bugs.


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