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Feedback: auto-mode & lineup selection

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The landlord
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First off, LOVE having auto-mode. Love it. I did want to suggest something that would make it a little easier to use though:
1) If you run out of auto-juice for your paper doll, turn off the auto flag. What happens is; the next day when you click into something that had auto on, you may start auto-ing when you didn't intend to.

2) If we could turn off auto while inside a battle, that would be handy (would also help the case in #1).

Lineup selection

It would be more convenient if we could change the lineup outside of battle. This would be instead of (or in addition to) having to unlock, go into a battle, then remember to lock it again after that battle. I have the tendency to forget by the time the battle is over, then remember I forgot when I start the next battle.

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