Title: import chinese account to global account [Print this page]

Author: mikeee    Time: 2018-4-17 05:09
Title: import chinese account to global account
Hi All,

I was playing onmyouji in chinese since last year, and my account is bound to net ease account.
Today I wanted to use the new app in english, but I couldn't bind to my net ease account.

- Is there any way to do this?
- If I start a new game, can I still play on the asian servers ? Together with the users of chinese app?


Author: mikeee    Time: 2018-4-17 07:41
I got the sad answer from the support: Chinese and global versions are very different, and not compatible... so no import possible, not possible to play with chinese either...
Author: maxter351    Time: 2018-5-20 16:03
noooo why they did it !!! i want to bind my chinese account to the global.... omg

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