Title: Pleasure to meet you! [Print this page]

Author: HoneyCandy    Time: 2017-9-29 00:53
Title: Pleasure to meet you!
Nickname: HoneyCandy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hawthornechai
Favorite Shikigami: Yaksha

Hello there! My name is HoneyCandy, but you can call me Honey!
I'm super excited to meet you all, since we all got to help test such a cool game as this together!
I may be kinda new, but I learn fast, so don't be surprised if I catch up!
I think the AR summoning function is super cool, to be honest, and can't wait to use it more! I already tried my hand at drawing one, but... It didnt turn out well, aha!
I'm really into the music as well! This game's soundtrack brings joy to my heart!
I am also the leader of the guild Star Seers, so look out for me and shoot me a friend request!

Happy Summoning,

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