Title: wipe our accounts? [Print this page]

Author: Hypnotick    Time: 2017-9-28 23:08
Title: wipe our accounts?
so ive heard from a bunch of ppl that our accounts are going to be wiped on release... thats so stupid i wasted so much time for nothing and for once in my mobile game career had good luck with pvp mons. sad and very dissapointing...
Author: thekoreanjesus    Time: 2017-9-30 13:53
This is a beta test. they are here to find bugs.

You will also get the benefit of playing the beta test by writing your name down in the event
Author: Raiden99    Time: 2017-9-30 17:55
Closed beta test is all about finding bugs and reporting it. When they do Open beta test, they won't (or shouldn't) wipe your account. Just don't get too attached to the Shiki or time you put into the game and look for anything off or buggy to report. You do get rewards after CBT for any bug or error reports you file.  
Author: Seletiel    Time: 2017-9-30 21:42
Then don't play right now, it's your decision and the world doesn't revolve around you - if you don't want to waste time then wait until the game releases

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