Title: The recent buff change is kinda lame [Print this page]

Author: ytzyt    Time: 2018-1-20 19:14
Title: The recent buff change is kinda lame
Disallowing players to enable buffs in battle but allowing them to see that their buff is not enabled after entering the prep stage?
What does that mean I should just leave the co-op fight to enable my buff and ditch the other players?
This is so inconvenient, why was this changed?

With this change it only make sense now to use it for farming alone since you never know how long you'll be queuing for co-op/team

Author: Alpaca    Time: 2018-1-20 21:06
It was bugged anyway and didn't actually apply, it was making a lot of people waste their boosts for no reason. I think this change was a bandaid fix instead of fixing the underlying problem.
Author: ytzyt    Time: 2018-1-22 02:55
I'm not sure what was bugged my in-battle enabled boosts were working fine but now I can't even enable them which is kinda annoying

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