Title: Facebook Gameroom version not updating [Print this page]

Author: NonchalantKing    Time: 2018-1-12 14:10
Title: Facebook Gameroom version not updating
The new update won't push through on Facebook Gameroom. I'm getting a network connection error when trying to update, attached are the screenshots.
My internet is working fine by the way, and the game was working fine before the update.

Author: AlucardX    Time: 2018-1-14 08:33
Same thing here
Author: souren    Time: 2018-1-15 01:50
Happening to me too;;
Author: RoseGoi    Time: 2018-4-12 11:44
In my own the game won't even load. i click in the game and it just send me back to the main page of the gameroom.

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