Title: 【Activity】Submit Bugs, Get Rewards——Round 2 [Print this page]

Author: zero    Time: 2018-1-10 04:45
Title: 【Activity】Submit Bugs, Get Rewards——Round 2

Activity Period:
Jan. 11th ~ Jan 24th (EST)
(Check your rewards in the closed beta)

Hisashiburi~ \(⌒▽⌒)
We have all been busy bees optimizing the game thanks to the collective efforts of all you Onmyoji-sama in the previous bug finding event.
Your help is vital to making the English version of Onmyoji the best it can be!
We have made a lot of changes to the game since our test thanks to the bugs you reported, including; fixing gameplay bugs, making changes to some of the shikigami names, updating descriptions and more!
However, the Heian world still needs your help!

Activity Details:
Simply submit any bugs you discover (including grammar mistakes, misspelling, display and other issues...) along with a screenshot and your in-game name for rich rewards.

How to:
Submit your feedback by replying below in the following format:
In-game name: XXX
Code: XXX
Bug Description: XXX XXXX
Screenshot: (include a screenshot of the bug in your reply)

Mystery Amulet x1: To the first player to report a new bug.
Jade x30: To all players who submit an already reported bug.

※ The max of the bugs submitted by one person with rewards is 30.
※ Reward winners will be announced about a week after the activity ends, and the rewards will be sent your account.
※ Replies will only be visible to the author.

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