Title: Introducing..... [Print this page]

Author: Brittney.hein    Time: 2017-10-7 00:48
Title: Introducing.....
Nick Name: Tomi (Pronounce: tow-me)

Favorite Shikigami: Ibaraki Doji - his story is sooo relatable its scary.

Introducing yourself: well let's see...I have always been bad at these but here goes.
So I love games like this so much so I am almost always active and socially acceptable and even like to run guilds like the one I run now called "NORAGAMI" which I was really surprised to find we made it to top 5 for guilds! Seriously was awesome watching it climb. Hopefully we can be just as awesome when the official release comes out. Anyways running the guild makes it super fun because you always have a wide range of personalities coming together and playing a game and it just makes it so much fun. Well I guess thats really it. I am always open for questions and always up for a dual!

Super excited for the official release!!!!

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