Title: Hello, my name is Tsunami. [Print this page]

Author: Tsunami    Time: 2017-10-4 15:45
Title: Hello, my name is Tsunami.

Nickname: Tsunami

Favorite Shikigami: Ubume hands-down... I'm seriously going to miss this Shikigami on reset day


Well, my actual name is Chris. I've played summoners war in the past and enjoyed it somewhat. I can tell you I am seriously addicted to this game. I absolutely love the design, the shikigami, the attention to detail, and overall all the hard work that has been put into it. It's similar enough to summoners war so that it's easy to pick up and play but it's just infinitely better in the sense that the monsters are much more meaningful and the story is interesting and epic. I hope this game continues to grow in the US and all around the world. Good work and see you in-game.

- Tsunami

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