Title: Samsung Note 8 Bugs/ other minor issue [Print this page]

Author: Ender    Time: 2017-10-4 11:49
Title: Samsung Note 8 Bugs/ other minor issue
Edited by Ender at 2017-10-4 11:49

Hello support team,

I am on the US test server. My game name is Enderz. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android version 7.1.1


When taking a screen shot, the game switches to a vertical position, picture is captured vertically instead of the horizontally like the game is played. This is also affecting the AR summon when trying to capture the Summon Circle image.
(See Atached Image from Samsing Note 8)

Other Improvements/Suggestions:

Also noticed that upon startup of the game, when the Notice screen comes up, at the bottom, the website is listed is en.onmyojigame.co, needs to be .com

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