Title: Hi everyone! Snow here~ ^ °^ [Print this page]

Author: joliexz    Time: 2017-10-3 14:06
Title: Hi everyone! Snow here~ ^ °^
Nickname: Snow

Favorite shiki:
Enenra - she's the first sr I summoned (other than Yuki) and she's my strongest! (probably bc I don't understand game mechanics well enough to build a good team lol)
Hako no Naka - she's so cute!! Sadly I don't really have a place for her in my main team so far. TT (there's too many shiki that I'm working on leveling up so I have her on the side for now)

Hi! You can call me Snow! This is my first time seriously trying to play this kind of game! I used to be a high-ranker in mobile mmorpgs like TWoM and SoC, but I don't play those games anymore (thank gosh). I'm a part time student, and work 2 other part time jobs, so I'm always busy. A game like this where I can play at my own convince is great!
I'm really enjoying Onmyoji cbt right now, my guild Wonderland is super friendly, and always help me when I'm lost (which is all the time tbh). If you ever see me in game feel free to say hi! (If you want to add me pls send me a msg, my friends list is full but I will delete inactives.)
Hope to see you all in game, and eventually the full release! ❤️❤️

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