Title: Bugs/suggestions [Print this page]

Author: Nukemm33    Time: 2017-10-3 11:09
Title: Bugs/suggestions
Hello support team,

I am on the US test server. My game name is Matahachi. Samsung Galaxy S8+ androidv7.0


I would like to report that when you explore and defeat a shikigami that is sleeping, the "zzzzz" remains after they disappear. Also, when you minimize the app or lock the screen and try to come back to the app in vertical screen mode it crashes.


Please add a raid functionality to evo materials. It slows down gameplay to have to fight (even in auto-mode) every battle instead of a batch raid. Also, I feel like demon parade is really fun but not well enough understood. Also, challenge tickets for chapters seem really hard to come by.

Please also add some reward for beta testers since we have helped and put a lot of time into the game and it will be erased. We will probably be 25% of your loyal users going forward.

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