Title: Introduction~ [Print this page]

Author: OBLISS    Time: 2017-10-2 16:50
Title: Introduction~
Nick name: Recorder
Favorite shikigami: Yellow Imp! Because it is so cute to me.
Hello, I'm a new player here but I found this game so fun. There are a lot of shikigami and an interesting story behind each one of them... Well that's not really how I should began my introduction but I decided to begin with that.
Now let me introduce myself properly, I go by the name Obliss (not my real name though), I'm a college student. I speak French (My main language), English, and korean ( my korean is still lacking since I rarely have the chance to speak to one). I enjoy play mobile games( lot of rpg ,mmorpg, moba, fps), read webtoons, comics, mangas (mostly of the fantasy category) and some books (also of the fantasy category but my favorite are of the wuxia type). I'm shy but I have the habit to act without thinking sometimes. People call me crazy, brazzen, madman, reckless guy or stupid depending on my act.
I think that's all, thank you for reading and have good day

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