Title: Introduction [ASSEMBLE--Calling all Onmyoji~] [Print this page]

Author: JEAM9X    Time: 2017-10-2 05:48
Title: Introduction [ASSEMBLE--Calling all Onmyoji~]
Edited by JEAM9X at 2017-10-2 05:54

Nick Name: Jeam9x
Favorite Shikigami: Ibara Doji - 茨木童子 : Strong AOE DPS

Introducing myself: I'm [J] Khánh . I'm from Vietnam. I'm a medical student. I like playing games, reading comics and watching anime . I love playing DOTA 2 and Summoners War . I just joined Onmyoji 3 days ago so I'm very happy to make friends with all of you here .

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