Title: Introducing myself to the community [Print this page]

Author: SAOxAce    Time: 2017-10-1 22:52
Title: Introducing myself to the community
Nick Name:

Favorite Shikigami:
Vampira- hits really hard at low hp
Ubeme- high aoe dps with strong passive
Introducing yourself:
Hello everyone! University student here who enjoys reading mangas, watching animes, and playing all kinds of games. This mobile game is something that hits really close to my preference from when I got hooked to summoner wars. I quit that game simply because it was way too p2w, hope this game does not become like that in the future. Can't wait for the open beta.

Author: joliexz    Time: 2017-10-4 00:33
Idk the whole map doesn't show for me so I'm able to access. It's the thing in the middle.
Author: Tsunami    Time: 2017-10-4 15:55
Edited by Tsunami at 2017-10-4 15:57

I have both Vampira and Ubeme.

Though I don't use Vampira, she looks cool. One of my spectators. Ubeme is hands down my favorite Shikigami.

Added you ;)
Didn't actually add you. Says player not found @_@

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