Title: Laminated game [Print this page]

Author: yueshan    Time: 2019-9-26 02:30
Title: Laminated game
High stress Melamine laminates. Additionally known as paper-based totally  plastic laminate . Or  plastic laminateveneers. Constructed with  wood grain thick paper  ornamental laminated  like a skeleton. Impregnated with thermosetting resins for instance  stress laminate phenolic resin or melamine chemicals. And laminated in addition to warmth-cured thin veneers. The fee of the phenolic resin is gloomier in comparison to the melamine chemicals resin. But it is no longer suitable to used in the floor layer considering that. It's far brown yellow  medium density  fiberboard  opaque. The melamine chemical compounds resin  laminate sheet  is plain and transparent. Has fantastic abrasion resistance. And  melamine laminated  normally used as an impregnating material for that floor layer. So it is  popular cause  generally used as a recognition for that sheet. Digital printing  particle board laminatesuse print era. To print images on melamine paper. And then laminate the printed melamine  superior durability paper across the MDF.

Author: yueshan    Time: 2019-9-26 02:33

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