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Author: Raiden99    Time: 2017-9-27 14:21
Title: Introduction
Edited by Raiden99 at 2017-9-27 14:22

Nick Name: Raiden99, Rai, Raiden
Facebook account: In respect to personal privacy, I will only offer this if necessary.
Favourite Shikigami: Kurodouji and Ibaraki-Douji
Introducing yourself: I have been a fan of Onmyoji since I saw the official artwork of Ibaraki-Douji and, basically, fell in love with him. Because of the beautiful artwork and my growing interest in the game, I came around to trying the Facebook Gameroom version of the game. I do have experience with this game prior and I'm very happy that there is a closed beta that is in English! I wish to help out any way that I can, even if it's small as reporting bugs! Thank you for the experience Onmyoji has given me.

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