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Author: heosua88    Time: 2017-10-1 08:21
Title: Introduction
Edited by heosua88 at 2017-10-1 09:22

Hi everyone,
My nick name in game is HeoSua.
My favorite Shikigami is Yuki Onna, she is so wonderful (free SR Shikigami, have trong ATK, pretty good HP - DEF and skill Ice Buffer make her hard to kill). An very helpful Shikigami (for me), worthy to Promote and Evolution to high grade.
My real name is Bui Trung Hieu, from Viet Nam. I know about game since before when just have Japan Server, and Chinese Server. But now we have English Server, i love Japan Style Games,
The graphics game is classic, so Anime.
VN or not if you play in English Server, friend me, join my Guild VN_BunS.

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