Title: Update Announcement (Apr. 3rd EST) [Print this page]

Author: zero    Time: 2019-4-3 04:56
Title: Update Announcement (Apr. 3rd EST)
Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience,we are performing an update from Apr. 3rd 2:00 to Apr. 3rd 5:00 EST. Duringthis time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate andmay be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience andunderstanding.
----Update Content----
1. Cherry Blossom Season! SakuraForecast!
The warm breeze from the southsignals the start of the cherry blossom season, with the residents of Heian-Kyoeagerly waiting for the blooming scenes. Come and join the Shikigami under thecherry blossom trees, along with a new Scrapbook decoration system waiting tobe explored!
Event Time: After the update onApril 3rd - April 16th 23:59 (EST)
How to play:
- Gain 100 Courage and unlock a new "Hanami" event per day.
- Players will get rewards including Skill Daruma, G6 Realm Card, and SakuraCoins, etc. by completing "Hanami" in different areas.
- Sakura Coins can be exchanged within letter paper and stickers in ScrapbookShop. Players will receive additional Sakura Forecast souvenir after theexchange.
- Collect items to decorate your own Scrapbook! Players who share theircreation for the first time will obtain 1 AR Amulet.

2. Spring Battle event
Event Time: April 3rd 00:00 - April16th 23:59 EST
How to play:
- Players can receive points through battles in Exploration Zone, Evo Zone,Soul Zone, Realm Raid, and Duel, etc.
- Players can also receive a point by summoning using Broken Amulets, MysteryAmulets, and AR Amulets, etc.
- Points can be exchanged for various rewards, including Coins, Jade, MysteryAmulet, Daruma and more!

- Points will become invalid once the event ends, please exchange your pointsin time.

3.  Coin Chaos returns!
Event Time: April 3rd 00:00 - April16th 23:59 EST
Complete the following missions toobtain coins!
- Summon 3 times with Mystery Amulets, AR Amulets or Jade
- Obtain 100 Courage in Kimodameshi
- Participate in 5 Duels

The missions reset daily at 00:00 EST and unclaimed rewards will be lost.Please remember to claim your rewards before they expire!

----Optimizations and BugsFixed----
1. Fixed language and technical bugs.
2. Added another April Fortune Pack for players who cannot purchase the currentApril Fortune Pack.

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