Title: Yotohime rework [Print this page]

Author: QKaguraX    Time: 2018-9-2 22:03
Title: Yotohime rework
After I bought yotohime with cash I went to try her out.  I've heard of rumours saying that she's insanely hard to use and I checked all of her skills and saw why.  Her skills just don't add up to each other. Yotohime is a "Ninja and samurai" a ninja class Shikigami should have mobility where as yotohime does not have it. Why?  "what are you talking bout?!  She has a dash skill and you could bring flash to escape" True but have you seen the CD of her dash skill?  Flash is a 2 min CD as well... Even longer.

Her first skill En Garde should be changed to increase movement speed by 20/25/30/35/40% and negate all damage and control effects for 1 second  and enhance next basic attack to deal extra 50/60/70/80/100(+60AD) and attack range, when enemies are in range yotohime instantaneously appears behind the enemy.Enhanced basic attack will still be in effect for 4s if unused.

Her 2nd skill is okay but her dash needs a rework. I'm sure some yotohime users would agree that they mostly died because the dash CD had like 0.5 s left and you'll survive and escape that scary Hakuro and higabana but NOPE!!!  SHUT DOWN!

Her dash should be reworked to have a lower CD and remove the reset skill if KO an enemy and Regen 35 MP. First the Regen MP is not very helpful in the late game. Her dash should be reworked to Reset skill CD to 1s if it hits an enemy. This should let Yotohime be more mobile.

Her ultimate is just fine. But her passive, Dosen't seem like much use, 20% chance of activation, and deal extra damage,  and the extra damage isn't even that much inugami can deal much more damage with his passive Heart blade and he costs cheaper to buy too. So I don't really see the point of players buying yotohime when they could save like 7k coins buying inugami which is much more tankier than yotohime and deals more damage.

I'm just gonna go for a wild guess that you developers ran out of ideas and just threw a bunch of useless ideas into the bowl. *sighs... * when adults make games when they hardly have enough experince knowing mechanics.

Author: Ben    Time: 2019-1-28 11:42
She is really overpower.Need to be nerf seriously.If not, game is being unfair moba.

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