Title: Gold talisman [Print this page]

Author: Krimsonheart    Time: 2018-6-12 10:23
Title: Gold talisman
when will these be useful?
Author: Ragnarokiii    Time: 2018-9-5 15:45
Hopefully soon, all I can say is they are shown in global for a reason... don't less faith. In other servers it gives you the ability to purchase two thing:
1. Exchange cards - Basically exchanging the grade of two shikis, say you have a g6 kisei but you'd rather have your new g2 Tam at g6 …. for 2 talisman you will be able to trade the two grades.
2. Random SSR - You will get the option to exclude a couple shiki from the pool that you can get, this will cost you 2 SSR or 20 gold talismans as I recall. However, you will only be able to do this ONCE.

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