Title: Stupid higanbana ... Stupid game [Print this page]

Author: Dudnoob03    Time: 2018-5-27 13:11
Title: Stupid higanbana ... Stupid game
This game used to be really fun .... After the higanbana come out not so much .... The shiki not fair at all .... Shiki with out good soul can dominate the pvp where is the fairness lol .... Stupid game ... U cannt shift meta like that idiot ... Look at summoner wars then u will understand ... All u think about is making money without thinking about the fairness in the game ... U dumbass
I insist everyone to quit this stupid unfair game all developer want is to make money without thinking qbout the fun in the game

Author: Realmworld    Time: 2018-6-27 04:54
Last time the game used to be, who acts first who win. It is actually super boring and frustrating too. You can have the best soul but if you are slower you lose. That is why the developer put in Higan and speed doesn't matter that much anymore
Author: SmallOwl    Time: 2018-8-25 20:13
I agree with the original poster. If you think the fast frog is cancer replacing it with an even worse cancer is not the answer. Most people hate Higanbana far more than any one shiki deserves. Replacing the fastest frog advantage with something that protects your shiki from being insta killed on the first turn makes more sense to me than this Higanbana bs.
Author: Ragnarokiii    Time: 2018-9-5 15:40
Well two decent shiki with jizo soul sets is a preventative measure for the fast frog conundrum, as well as double pullers. However, I totally understand the anger and frustration you feel when encountering that B**** Higanbana (partial salt because I don't have one.... yet haha). The best defense I know of is to get yourself a nice Hannya on Sea Sprite - focus on Crit and Effect Hit mainly. The initial shield will prevent her from CCing you out the gate, and give you time to seal her - Then Nuke her... Hard (she deserves it). You can pair hannya with Ren/Koi/Hako if your opponent has a pure dps Higan.

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