Title: 【Activity】ASSEMBLE--Calling all Onmyoji~ [Print this page]

Author: zero    Time: 2017-9-19 14:33
Title: 【Activity】ASSEMBLE--Calling all Onmyoji~

Activity Period:
9/27~end of CBT (closed beta test)

Activity Details:
Calling all onmyoji-sama, assemble!Introduce yourself here and get rewards~
Don't forget to keep in touch and reunitein the OBT (open beta test) to help save the Heian world!

How to:
Start new thread introducing yourself inthe →→Friend/Guild←← section of this forum in the following format:
1. Uploada screenshot of your user info (found by tapping your avatar found in the topleft-hand corner in-game.

2. Include the following information:
Nick Name: XXX
Favorite Shikigami: XXX
Introducing yourself: XXX XXXX

Mystery Amulet x2: To all players who startan introduction thread.
Mystery Amulet x10: Awarded to 5 randomplayers among those who started an introduction thread.

※Reward winners willbe announced after the end of the CBT. Return here and register your OBT (openbeta test) in-game name and the rewards will be sent to that account.

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