Title: 【Activity】Submit Bugs, Get Rewards [Print this page]

Author: zero    Time: 2017-9-19 13:46
Title: 【Activity】Submit Bugs, Get Rewards

Activity Period:
9/27~end of CBT (closed beta test)

Activity Details:
Onmyoji-sama~The Heian world needs your help!
Simply submit any bugs you discover (including grammar mistakes, misspelling, display and other issues...) along with a screenshot and your in-game name for rich rewards.

How to:
Submit your feedback by replying below in the following format:
In-game name: XXX
Bug Description: XXX XXXX
Screenshot: (include a screenshot of the bug in your reply)

Mystery Amulet x1: To the first player to report a new bug.
Jade x30: To all players who submit an already reported bug.

※The maximum of the bugs submitted by one person with rewards is 30.
※Reward winners will be announced after the end of the CBT. Return here and register your OBT (open beta test) in-game name and the rewards will be sent to that account.
※Replies will only be visible to the author.

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