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Update Announcement (Apr. 27th EST)

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I think the Guaranteed SSR after 120 Summons that lasts for 1 month event is a little bit... well, hard. I mean, for absolutely "new" players who just started playing after the update, it'll be a little bit easier, but what about those who were playing for like.. 2 weeks, or even a week before the update comes? Those who hard already used the free amulets that the game basically give out from achievements and stuff. I think they are the ones who are really at a disadvantage since older players (those who had played for at least 2 months) might already have at least 1 SSR that are useful for them.
In my opinion, the 30-day interval is just not enough especially for F2P players who depend entirely on the amulets that the game gives out on quests/achievements/etc. Don't get me wrong though, this is, by all means, a very very generous event from the devs, and I approve of it. I just think that some mechanics could have been made better so that everyone (as long as they're active), will be able to complete it.

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