Title: Guild buff glitch [Print this page]

Author: Salt    Time: 2018-1-12 09:32
Title: Guild buff glitch
In-game name: Meron
Code: 4035

Bug report:
I'm from a guild that was created a day after the server was soft-launched on Jan 4.
I'm the first person to join the guild less than a minute after my guild leader created it.
On Jan 11 at approximately 6.30am EST, my guild leader purchased the Zone Buff (evo/soul buff) that costs 3000 guild medals.

However, when our guild members each received the mail containing the buff, I was informed by the system that I'm unable to collect it as it has been "less than 150 hours" since I joined the guild.
Many of our other older members also received the same information, while there are others, including my guild leader, who successfully redeemed the buff.
With the exception of my leader, none of these members joined earlier than I did, but were able to receive the buff.


I have also contacted the email support team for assistance, but was disappointingly given an extremely unhelpful reply.
If, as the support says, I did not receive the buff due to being less than 150hours old in the guild, then none of my guild members should have been able to receive it either, nor my leader.
And given that the soft-launch has only been out for less than a week, it is impossible that any of the members could have mistook a previous guild's buff for the buff our guild bought, even if we leave aside the fact that they only received the mail with the buff the very moment our leader bought it.

Considering the high price of the Zone buff, I believe it's essential to have this bug investigated and fixed as soon as possible.
Thank you.

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