Title: Bulgaria VS Ireland, away may run out [Print this page]

Author: kimtan2021    Time: 2020-9-3 00:42
Title: Bulgaria VS Ireland, away may run out
Bulgaria VS Ireland, away may run outIreland
In contrast, Ireland soccer tips betting is currently ranked 34th in the world. Although they are not the strongest in Europe, their reputation is not very low. In the previous qualifiers, Ireland lost to Switzerland and Denmark, ranking the third place in the group, and missed the promotion to the finals. However, they still qualified for the play-offs. In recent matches, they have only lost once, and the overall performance is very stable.
Data Analysis
For now, there is a certain strength gap between the two teams. Besides, Ireland has certain psychological advantage since they have beaten Bulgaria 3-1 in the history. The handicap first odds was 0 and did not give any support to the home team Bulgaria, plus the water return was still rising. The handicap odds was Ireland -0.25 in the later stage, which was the first time for Ireland at away. Combined with the trend of 1X2 odds, I think that Ireland has a great chance of winning this game.
Picks: Ireland -0.25
Prediction: best football tips Ireland wins
Score Prediction: 0-1, 1-2

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