Title: Voice Issues [Print this page]

Author: ChiefNetero    Time: 2019-5-15 00:22
Title: Voice Issues
Hello, So I’m having the problem that the voice acting suddenly stopped in the story. I noticed it had stopped after I finished the chapter with the Phoenix lady. If anyone can help me fix this issue I’d be eternally grateful. There is voices when I click on a shikigami and also in battle. The only place it doesn’t have voices is the story.
Author: Savrieel    Time: 2019-7-26 12:59
I have the same problem.  I have reinstalled twice and downloaded the audio pack twice.  After chapter 3, there is just no more voice acting.  I'd love a fix.  I've asked inside the world chat, and no one seems to have any idea as to how to fix it.  I've asked my roommate and he told me to delete my save file.  I'm like, "but what if I do that and it just does it again."  It shouldn't be this difficult.  FIX PLEASE!

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