Title: Shiki now missing [Print this page]

Author: Monstuvous    Time: 2019-5-11 19:17
Title: Shiki now missing
It's rather strange, last night when I went to bed I finished giving my Maki 2 skill durmas to start working on her as my next G6 shiki. However in the middle of running evo zones this morning I noticed between runs she left my spectating group. I found that odd so after finishing the runs i went and noticed she just up and disappeared.
This is rather upsetting because she just needed one more skill durma, as i didn't have enough tickets to max her out joining on the very last part of the event, to have her skills maxed out. I'd be less upset about it if she was coming back but now i have no idea what to do and am really upset about it. I liked her heal and speed buff.
I didn't accidenly shrine her as I only shrine on Mondays and feed on mondays as well. She just up and poofed.
I use steam to play.
I logged out and back in hoping it was a visual glitch, it was not.

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