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Necaxa VS Club America, hosts are favorites New kimtan2021 Yesterday 00:57 03 kimtan2021 Yesterday 00:57
Sepsi VS FC Clinceni, home will win New kimtan2021 3 day(s) ago 07 kimtan2021 3 day(s) ago
St. Patricks Athletic VS Derry City, home win New kimtan2021 6 day(s) ago 019 kimtan2021 6 day(s) ago
Opening Settings freezes the app for 2 mins and causes it to disconnect attach_img shaelae 7 day(s) ago 017 shaelae 7 day(s) ago
The app crashes each time the mini-Boss is found on Demon Encounter map 新人帖 attach_img shaelae 7 day(s) ago 015 shaelae 7 day(s) ago
Modbury Jets VS Adelaide Olympic, Adelaide Olympic win kimtan2021 2020-7-24 043 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
RoPS Rovaniemi VS Ilves Tampere, tend to Ilves Tampere kimtan2021 2020-7-21 0107 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
Leicester City VS Sheffield United, Leicester City edge out kimtan2021 2020-7-16 0126 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
Alaves VS Getafe, away win kimtan2021 2020-7-12 0193 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
AS Roma VS Parma, go for AS Roma kimtan2021 2020-7-7 0235 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
Tottenham Hotspur VS West Ham United, host is favourite kimtan2021 2020-6-23 0367 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
VfL Osnabruck VS Holstein Kiel, Holstein Kiel may avoid the defeat kimtan2021 2020-6-20 0399 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
Gwangju Football Club VS Incheon United, home win kimtan2021 2020-6-17 0382 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
crash bug 新人帖 Feijones 2020-6-10 0406 Feijones 2020-6-10 05:19
Trinec VS Vysehrad, Trinec is expected higher kimtan2021 2020-6-9 0396 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
Bug - Join Encounter Assembly 新人帖 jzin01 2020-6-5 0451 jzin01 2020-6-5 19:53
Fredericia VS Vejle, Vejle could take at least one point kimtan2021 2020-6-5 0458 kimtan2021 7 day(s) ago
Chrudim VS Hradec Kralove, with away victory kimtan2021 2020-6-2 0414 kimtan2021 2020-6-2 00:10
Sagadam FK VS FC Ahal, home team can defend its field kimtan2021 2020-5-28 0410 kimtan2021 2020-5-28 10:33
Man City star Silva mocks Fernandes over Man Utd title drought kimtan2021 2020-5-24 0420 kimtan2021 2020-5-24 22:01
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